Short Science Fiction Collection 009

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(4.4 stars; 108 reviews)

Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and case) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves sociological and technical speculations based on current or future science or technology. This is a reader-selected collection of short stories that entered the US public domain when their copyright was not renewed.

Summary by Cori Samuel, with Wikipedia input. (4 hr 25 min)


2 B R 0 2 B 16:45 Read by smokemonkey
The Cosmic Express 25:37 Read by Jerome Lawsen
The Day Time Stopped Moving 42:40 Read by Tom Weiss
Earthmen Bearing Gifts 6:04 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Impact 54:25 Read by Tom Weiss
Longevity 4:02 Read by Betsie Bush
The Measure of a Man 24:35 Read by Barbara King Gardner
No Moving Parts 44:33 Read by Tom Weiss
The Nothing Equation 21:46 Read by Daniele
The Stoker And The Stars 24:38 Read by Jason Mills


good collection, some repetitive stories from previous collecti

(3.5 stars)

some recordings are of poor quality, absolutely understandable, but lots of pops, static and some background noise in some stories.

Great stories.

(5 stars)

2BORNOT2B was a good was the Stalker & the Stars.

These just keep getting better. Thank you readers!

(5 stars)

(4 stars)

An interesting collection of stories on this volume

Some great stories

(4 stars)

The final story, the stoker and the stars is 5 stars (if not 6!) wonderful story and a tremendous reading. some readings suffer variable recording quality. some absolutely marvelous tales. ends on a very high note :)

some good stories

(4 stars)

worth listening to .readers good apart from one with heavy accent making listening very difficult.

Short Science Fiction Collection 009

(5 stars)

Stories are a good listen and are mostly well read - Thanks!