The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Raven Edition, Volume 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 28 reviews)

Monday, January 19, 2009 marked Edgar Allan Poe's 200th birthday. Though these tales need no introduction, the rationale for starting with volume two is threefold: many of the best-loved (and best) tales are included, the vast majority run from 15 to 30 minutes, and the other volumes can then be recorded without repetition, if there is interest in doing so. (Summary by M.L. Cohen) (10 hr 51 min)


Purloined Letter, The 47:36 Read by TriciaG
Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherezade, The 43:37 Read by Morgan Saletta
Descent into the Maelstrom, A 49:53 Read by Lady Maria
Von Kempelen and His Discovery 14:45 Read by NickNumber
Mesmeric Revelation 23:05 Read by NickNumber
Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The 24:57 Read by Larissa Little
Black Cat, The 27:07 Read by John W. Michaels
Fall of the House of Usher, The 52:33 Read by John W. Michaels
Silence--A Fable 7:35 Read by NickNumber
Masque of the Red Death, The 13:05 Read by NickNumber
Cask of Amontillado, The 16:15 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Imp of the Perverse, The 13:27 Read by NickNumber
Island of the Fay, The 13:36 Read by TriciaG
Assignation, The 34:48 Read by Lady Maria
Pit and the Pendulum, The 42:43 Read by John W. Michaels
Premature Burial, The 31:33 Read by Jackie Provau
Domain of Arnheim, The 36:25 Read by TriciaG
Landor's Cottage 33:10 Read by Hannah Dowell
William Wilson 1:06:09 Read by Lady Maria
Tell-Tale Heart, The 13:35 Read by David Lawrence
Berenice 29:43 Read by Lady Maria
Eleanora 16:10 Read by Zloot


(5 stars)

Mike Vendetti (sp?) is the amazing reader I was referring to in my earlier (5 star!) review. I didn't realize that each story is read by a different person. The others might be great as well, I just haven't listened to them yet.

so helpfull!!

(5 stars)

excelente narración.. todavía no pude escuchar todos pero sin embargo lo que si escuché hasta ahora se destaca en cuanto a Calidad de sonido, tono e interpretación.. voy escuchando intercalando entre inglés y español latino


(5 stars)

This read has great vocabulary. The stories are interesting, which makes up for a few poor readers. I recommend this book to people who like creepy tales and understand advanced vocabulary.

(4 stars)

bb h nu Jiu. . tu nu

just as good as volume one

(5 stars)