The Song of Roland

Read by Joy Chan

(4.7 stars; 35 reviews)

The Song of Roland is an epic poem, originally sung in Old French. It tells the story of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778. This is an English translation. (Introduction by Joy Chan) (3 hr 55 min)


Verses 1 - 38 30:32 Read by Joy Chan
Verses 39 - 87 34:46 Read by Joy Chan
Verses 88 - 138 43:34 Read by Joy Chan
Verses 139 - 176 34:20 Read by Joy Chan
Verses 177 - 186 10:29 Read by Joy Chan
Verses 187 - 214 24:13 Read by Joy Chan
Verses 215 - 272 43:03 Read by Joy Chan
Verses 273 - 291 14:39 Read by Joy Chan


(4.5 stars)

Very good and I liked the speaker’s tone. though, i do think some rhymes were meant in this translation that the speaker didnt quite get because they were meant to be spoken in a nonstandard way. But that hardly detracts from the performance.

(5 stars)

MANY THANKS TO THE READER, WHO READ THIS CLASSIC EPIC OF ANCIENT FRENCH LITERATURE SO PERFECTLY. This was an excellent audio version of the poem, very beautiful, violent, vivid. I loved it.

good effort

(4 stars)

A bit of 'fading in' of the first line of the stanza is a small technical issue. i would have preferred standard french pronunciation of many of the names

tough listen

(5 stars)

difficult to follow with th minds eye but made so much easier and enjoyable when read by Joy Chan

Well done!

(5 stars)

Engaging translation of an epic poem. Many thanks to the reader for a job well done!

great story and great reading

(5 stars)

I really appreciate what Moncrief accomplished with his translation here.


(5 stars)

joy chan delivers the tale with stirring sincerity

(5 stars)

A very clear and articulate reading.