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Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was a leading American socialist and feminist. Her book "Sabotage, the conscious withdrawal of the workers' industrial efficiency" was written to explain the utility and legality of sabotage. (Summary by Enko) (0 hr 53 min)


Introduction 1:05 Read by Enko
Its necessity in the class war 4:06 Read by Enko
General forms of sabotage 2:17 Read by Enko
Short pay, less work, 'ca canny' 4:26 Read by Enko
Interfering with quality of goods 1:37 Read by Enko
Boyd's advice to silk mill slaves 1:47 Read by Enko
'Dynamiting' silk 3:09 Read by Enko
Non-adulteration and over-adulteration 3:33 Read by Enko
'Open mouth' sabotage 4:41 Read by Enko
Following the "book of rules" 5:44 Read by Enko
Putting the machine on strike 2:56 Read by Enko
Print the truth or you don't print at all 3:13 Read by Enko
Used sabotage, but didn't know what you called it 4:03 Read by Enko
Sabotage and "moral fiber" 4:58 Read by Enko
Limiting the over-supply of slaves 2:04 Read by Enko
Sabotage a War Measure 3:55 Read by Enko


Most interesting period piece

(5 stars)

Of great interest to researchers, historians, plain old autodidacts and curiosity seekers. and I daresay still to workers. Thank you enko, you have a fine voice which I found easy on the ears. Chapters on sabotage for silk workers will bring to mind the poor dead of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire, locked in their deathtrap in the fire that heartlessly started at quitting time but before the workers were let outside. I read the librivox eponymously titled book about it recently and remember sabotage had been an issue in the labor dispute that preceded the fire. Also can recommend more info on adulteration of food and liquor in chs. 18 and 19 of p.t.barnum's immensely entertaining HUMBUGS OF THE WORLD.