The Sea Wolf

Read by Tom Crawford

(4.5 stars; 578 reviews)

The Sea-Wolf is a novel written in 1904 by American author Jack London. An immediate bestseller, the first printing of forty thousand copies was sold out before publication. Of it, Ambrose Bierce wrote "The great thing—and it is among the greatest of things—is that tremendous creation, Wolf Larsen... the hewing out and setting up of such a figure is enough for a man to do in one lifetime." (Summary by Wikipedia) (11 hr 29 min)


01: I scarcely know where to begin 19:39 Read by Tom Crawford
02: I seemed swinging in a a mighty 19:08 Read by Tom Crawford
03: Wolf Larsen ceased swearing 26:19 Read by Tom Crawford
04: What happened to me next 16:10 Read by Tom Crawford
05: But my first night in the hunters' steerage 18:48 Read by Tom Crawford
06: By the following morning the storm 33:17 Read by Tom Crawford
07: At last, after three days of variable wind 8:23 Read by Tom Crawford
08: Sometimes I think Wolf Larsen mad 17:42 Read by Tom Crawford
09: Three days of rest, three blessed days 21:26 Read by Tom Crawford
10: My intimacy with Wolf Larsen increases 16:27 Read by Tom Crawford
11: The Ghost has attained the southernmost point 15:03 Read by Tom Crawford
12: The last twenty-four hours have witnessed 24:17 Read by Tom Crawford
13: For three days I did my own work, and Thomas 10:06 Read by Tom Crawford
14: It has dawned upon me that I have never 18:42 Read by Tom Crawford
15: There was a deal of cursing and groaning 13:48 Read by Tom Crawford
16: I cannot say that the position of mate 17:25 Read by Tom Crawford
17: Strange to say, in spite of the general foreboding, 32:54 Read by Tom Crawford
18: The next day, while the storm was blowing itself out 16:53 Read by Tom Crawford
19: I came on deck to find the Ghost heading up close 15:15 Read by Tom Crawford
20: The remainder of the day passed uneventfully. 18:23 Read by Tom Crawford
21: The chagrin Wolf Larsen felt from being ignored 11:05 Read by Tom Crawford
22: I knew what it was as she came toward me. 8:29 Read by Tom Crawford
23: Brave winds, blowing fair, swiftly drove the Ghost 12:22 Read by Tom Crawford
24: Among the most vivid memories of my life 15:57 Read by Tom Crawford
25: "You've been on deck, Mr. Van Weyden," 30:35 Read by Tom Crawford
26: Wolf Larsen took the distribution of the whiskey 30:55 Read by Tom Crawford
27: Day broke, grey and chill. 18:12 Read by Tom Crawford
28: There is no need of going into 16:36 Read by Tom Crawford
29: "Fool!" I cried aloud in my vexation. 13:09 Read by Tom Crawford
30: No wonder we called it Endeavour Island. 17:37 Read by Tom Crawford
31: "It will smell," I said, "but it will keep in the heat 6:33 Read by Tom Crawford
32: I awoke, oppressed by a mysterious sensation. 19:22 Read by Tom Crawford
33: We waited all day for Wolf Larsen to come ashore. 14:20 Read by Tom Crawford
34: "It's too bad the Ghost has lost her masts. 12:08 Read by Tom Crawford
35: Next day, the mast-steps clear, and everything in readiness, 15:03 Read by Tom Crawford
36: For two days Maud and I ranged the sea 22:06 Read by Tom Crawford
37: At once we moved aboard the Ghost, 20:43 Read by Tom Crawford
38: "I think my left side is going," Wolf Larsen wrote, 7:38 Read by Tom Crawford
39: The day came for our departure. 16:34 Read by Tom Crawford


Reader rating only

(1 stars)

I can't rate the book...I couldn't even get through the first chapter. The reader had such a monotonous voice and did not enunciate well at all. Couldn't understand half of what he was saying. I really wanted to listen to this book, but with this reader, not a chance.


(5 stars)

surprisingly not about a wolf at sea. still an excellent and thrilling story. I didn't think I would like it, because I have no interest in the theme of the book. but it is very good, well narrated and keeps you interested. I never felt bored listening to it. I have recommended to many people.

excellent story, monotone reader

(4 stars)

a capturing tale of life on the sea & castaway on an island. some romance thrown in as well, but nothing more than romantic feelings described. and becoming a man under a tyrant. an excellent story. the reader though is very monotone very often and I would find my mind drifting or getting sleepy then have to rewind. he has a wonderful voice, but lacks changes in pitch.

great and GREAT!

(5 stars)

JL was an American treasure! What angers me is someone writing a long review of a book and reader they did not like at all. in that case, my advice is to STFU and move along. You do not need to be an asshole!

What a Tale

(5 stars)

This work is in my top 20. Hella good story. I enjoyed that the narrator wasn't entirely the main character. The captain stayed himself till the end, he didn't become a likable angel which was greatly refreshing. The sea really is like it was depicted. Lol some said the reader was terrible, I honestly thought he was good.

God Help Us!

(1 stars)

A goof story but told so badly. Mispronunciation, poor timing and a complete inability to tell a story: these are the undying memories of my attempt to listen. Give me AI every time over this. Please put this creature out of its misery and send it back to thd deep.

Sea Wolf

(4 stars)

Great adventure. Reader gains ones appreciation as story unfolds. Jack London’s life was too short. He surely got the short stick on parents and accomplished so much in his mere forty years. His work will stand the test of time and never go out of date.

One of my all time favorites!

(5 stars)

The simple sterness of a philosophy formed by harsh struggle for life, contrasted against the more common moral conception. This is an adventure framing questions of simply deep origin, told in the captivating style which is the literary fingerprint of Jack London.