The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

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The Autobiography of Charles Darwin is the autobiography of the British naturalist Charles Darwin which was published in 1887, five years after his death.

Darwin wrote the book, which he entitled Recollections of the Development of my Mind and Character, for his family. He states that he started writing it on about May 28, 1876 and had finished it by August 3.

The book was edited by Charles Darwin's son Francis Darwin, who removed several passages about Darwin's critical views of God and Christianity (see Charles Darwin's views on religion). It was published in London by John Murray as part of The life and letters of Charles Darwin, including an autobiographical chapter.

The omitted passages were later restored by Darwin's granddaughter Nora Barlow in a 1958 edition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Origin. This edition was published in London by Collins under the title of The Autobiography of Charles Darwin 1809-1882. With the original omissions restored. Edited and with appendix and notes by his granddaughter Nora Barlow.

The original is in the public domain as its copyright has expired, but the later version remains under copyright. (Summary by Wikipedia) (2 hr 44 min)


01 - Preface 37:40 Read by LivelyHive
02 - Cambridge 1828-1831 27:19 Read by LivelyHive
03 - Voyage of the 'Beagle' from December 27, 1831, to October 2, 1836 16:25 Read by LivelyHive
04 - From my return to England, October 2, 1836 ... to our settling at Down, Se… 23:21 Read by LivelyHive
05 - My Several Publications 38:02 Read by LivelyHive
06 - Written May 1st, 1881 22:06 Read by LivelyHive


Can't understand the reader

(1 stars)

The speaking voice is unclear, there are pauses before unfamiliar proper nouns, and even some common words are mispronounced (e.g., preface). Sorry to criticize a volunteer, but I had to stop listening.

Charles Darwin

(4 stars)

Lived to further the human race. A very short book but informational.

Good, but not great.

(3.5 stars)

Reader was good, but the book was less than inspiring.

good attempt but hard to follow the reading

(3 stars)

Loved it!

(5 stars)

Great book. Very well read.