A Voyage to the South Sea

Read by Tom Crawford

(4.2 stars; 56 reviews)

A Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken by command of His Majesty, for the purpose of conveying the Bread-fruit tree to the West Indies, in His Majesty’s ship The Bounty, commanded by Lieutenant William Bligh. Including an account of the Mutiny on board the said ship, and the subsequent voyage of part of the crew, in the ship’s boat, from Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a Dutch settlement in the East Indies. (Summary is the full title) (8 hr 40 min)


Advertisement 3:10 Read by Tom Crawford
Plan of the Expedition 23:39 Read by Tom Crawford
Departure from England 45:19 Read by Tom Crawford
Passage towards Cape of Good Hope 14:15 Read by Tom Crawford
Passage towards Van Diemen's Land 25:31 Read by Tom Crawford
... Arrive at Otaheite 12:22 Read by Tom Crawford
Account of an English Ship... 42:00 Read by Tom Crawford
A theft committed 21:16 Read by Tom Crawford
Expedition to Tettaba after a Heifer 23:27 Read by Tom Crawford
A Walk into the Country 36:24 Read by Tom Crawford
The Ship's Cable cut in the Night 22:55 Read by Tom Crawford
Arrival of an Arreoy Woman from Tethuroa 16:02 Read by Tom Crawford
At the Island Huaheine 22:20 Read by Tom Crawford
A Mutiny in the Ship 17:16 Read by Tom Crawford
Proceed in the Launch to the Island Tofoa 23:06 Read by Tom Crawford
Passage towards New Holland 47:07 Read by Tom Crawford
Progress ... along the Coast of New Holland 40:45 Read by Tom Crawford
Passage from New Holland to the Island Timor 33:03 Read by Tom Crawford
At Coupang 13:20 Read by Tom Crawford
From Timor to Batavia 13:01 Read by Tom Crawford
Occurrences at Batavia ... thence to England 24:12 Read by Tom Crawford


Coolest Biographical Ever

(5 stars)

The chapters in this book are more intriguing than a tap dancing unicorn. Thank you to the exceptional narrator who brought the pages to life. The derogatory reviewers are in very bad taste to say the least. Are they so inept that they dont realize; narrators volunteer their time to record epic tomes such as this one? Perhaps such reviewers should go back to playing video games and watching episodes of the Kardashians.

the way this guy reads is awesome and steve is dumb!

(5 stars)

the way this guy reads is awesome. he rocks some Jack London pretty well to pieces as well. he is my favorite reader. Steve is obviously an asshat. Suck it Steve Colby. this guy rocks. the book was also ok and Steves mom makes annoying clicking sounds.

the facts behind "men against the sea."

(1 stars)

reader speaks in a full monotone. it's a good book to fall asleep to he also has the unfortunate habit pronouncing every native word so awkwardly that they almost beat the listener into submission Extremely grating to one's ears! 🤐😣😠

(2 stars)

This reader can be pleasant to listen to. I have enjoyed listening to him on other recordings. Unfortunately the equivalent he used this time wasn't so good. I didn't get past the 3rd chapter because of this.

Annoying Clicking Sounds

(2 stars)

I hate giving bad reviews but there was something wrong with the reader's microphone. I kept hearing this clicking sound and gave up after the first chapter.

An antidote to insomnia

(1 stars)

was really looking forward to hearing this account but could not stay awake, the reader was so flat.

(4 stars)

very enjoyable book. the reading is a bit slow for my taste but not distracting

excellent account

(5 stars)

great book for those who love tales of exploration and adventure