Bible (WNT) NT 05: Acts

Read by Mark Penfold

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Richard Francis Weymouth was born on October 26, 1822 near Plymouth Dock, now known as Devonport, near Plymouth, Devonshire, in England. Dr. Weymouth was a Bible scholar and a philologist (a student of the origins of language), as well as a layman, in the English Baptist denomination. He edited "The Resultant Greek Text", after which he based his "New Testament in Modern Speech", which was published posthumously in 1903. He passed away on December 27, 1902 in Essex. His work is known for its simpler language and use in private reading. (Summary by Mark Penfold) (2 hr 28 min)


Chapters 1-5 25:03 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 6-11 33:09 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 12-16 27:03 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 17-22 33:03 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 23-28 30:18 Read by Mark Penfold


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Dear Bro Mark Penfold ,God has favoured you with a great narrative skill to reach my mind,heart and soul each day and everytime I listen to your convicting rendition. May many others experience similar uplifting.