The Lusiads

Read by Leni

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The Lusiads (Os Lusíadas) is a Portuguese epic poem, written in the 16th century by Luis Vaz de Camões. The poem tells the tale of the Portuguese discoveries in the 15th and 16th centuries, specially the voyage to India by Vasco da Gama. Modelled after the classic epic tradition, Camões' Lusiads are considered not only the first literary text in Modern Portuguese, but also a national epic of the same level as Vergil's Aeneid. In the 19th century, Sir Richard Francis Burton translated Camões' Lusiads, in what he considered "the most pleasing literary labour of his life". (Summary by Leni) (9 hr 46 min)


Dedication and Preface 19:33 Read by Leni
Canto I 47:22 Read by Leni
Canto II 47:43 Read by Leni
Canto III 1:04:29 Read by Leni
Canto IV 47:48 Read by Leni
Canto V 46:55 Read by Leni
Canto VI 45:51 Read by Leni
Canto VII 40:24 Read by Leni
Canto VIII 44:35 Read by Leni
Canto IX 43:24 Read by Leni
Canto X 1:11:35 Read by Leni
Rejected Stanzas 1:06:48 Read by Leni


the lusiads

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This is read by a person with a very strong accent for whom English is second language. This is a hard poem to understand anyway but repeated mispronunciations of basic English words and skipped lines mean it is only possible to read with the text available simultaneously. Not a lot of point having the audiobook version then.