The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu

Read by FNH

(4.6 stars; 169 reviews)

The first of the Fu-Manchu novels, this story follows the two characters who are set against the machinations of the insidious doctor.(Summary by FNH) (7 hr 19 min)


CHAPTER 01 13:22 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 02 16:02 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 03 12:17 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 04 18:27 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 05 11:23 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 06 20:26 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 07 16:21 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 08 13:08 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 09 16:00 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 10 11:29 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 11 18:22 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 12 14:38 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 13 17:24 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 14 14:16 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 15 14:57 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 16 18:38 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 17 22:04 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 18 19:53 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 19 12:35 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 20 9:11 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 21 18:54 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 22 5:14 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 23 13:45 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 24 19:28 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 25 11:26 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 26 9:26 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 27 11:18 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 28 14:04 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 29 12:24 Read by FNH
CHAPTER 30 12:44 Read by FNH


Thank You

(5 stars)

Just writing a thank you to FNH for his work. I am quite a fan of Libravox readings and must say that this is one of the best.... excellant literature in combination with the quality and dicipline that the reader invested. Pretty damn close to perfect. Thank you. Aside, I think the accent helped the piece as well.

Sneaky Buggar!

(5 stars)

What a treasure these books are, for those not easily offended by the era's racial slurs, such as myself, they are delightfully entertaining and so cleverly written! I just love a book that is not afraid to give the bad guys, a good thrashing!

Classic & entertaining

(4.5 stars)

As a kid I saw the old Dr. Fu-Manchu movies but never read the book, which was way better. It was a pleasant and entertaining surprise. Many thanks to the reader for doing such an excellent job making the story exciting and suspenseful.

can't put it down!

(5 stars)

Another stay up all night book by Sax Rohmer. great reader, too!


(5 stars)

Agree with prior reviews. FNH Marvelous reader-- clear diction and great style. Also: it is gratifying to hear a competent trained MALE reader narrate stories where the subject//hero is a man. (Nothing worse than too many high-pitched-voice women volunteer readers ruining substantive mystery/detective story lines of male heroes.) Especially nice to have Brits read (obviously)UK stories! Makes them believable and engrossing. Hugh Frasier reading Poirot another delight. More quality Gentlemen readers, PLEASE step forward. -- A lady's point of view.--

Very Fun... minus the racism

(5 stars)

Despite the obvious racial bigotry and xenophobia that pervades this story, I was pleasantly surprised at how much there still was to enjoy in this audiobook. The reader is excellent, the plot is action-packed and fast-paced, and the titular antagonist might truly be the best "evil genius" I've ever read (even better than Sherlock's nemesis Professor Moriarty).

(5 stars)

Thrilling adventures follow one another as the heroes pursue the villainous doctor. This is a story similar to others in its period during which Asians of various ethnicities were viewed with distrust and suspicion. In the end the main players prove clever and persistent in their pursuits. Lots of action and mystery.

(5 stars)

This was a very good book and kept me interested through its entirety. In some ways it's sort of reminded me of stories of Sherlock Holmes matching wits against Dr Moriarty. The reading was excellent by the man from Sunny Anchorage Alaska.