Doctor Ox's Experiment

Read by Alan Winterrowd

(4 stars; 118 reviews)

An early, light-hearted short story, published in 1872 by Jules Verne. It takes place in the Flemish town of Quiquendone, where life moves at an extraordinarily tranquil pace. Doctor Ox has offered to light the town with a new gas, but actually has other plans in place. (Summary by Alan Winterrowd) (2 hr 12 min)


Chapters 1-3 24:09 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Chapters 4-6 28:59 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Chapters 7-8 31:46 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Chapters 9-12 21:28 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Chapters 13-17 26:20 Read by Alan Winterrowd


Excellent reader

(4 stars)

I really like Verne's works, but you can see where this story is headed from the start.

Doctor Ox's Experiment

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!


(4.5 stars)

A fun farce riddled with satire. We see much humor in Verne for a change All in all it was most enjoyable. It was also extremely well read.

Fun light hearted story

(5 stars)

A more light hearted, fun tale by Jules Verne. The reader did a fine job. thanks!

Well read

(5 stars)

The story is pretty good and the reader was great!


(5 stars)

it reminds me a bit of the setting for JOHN STEINBECK’s THE MOON IS DOWN (except for the indolent part - irk not fixing tower even though it might fall on people irk

Cultural appropiation

(5 stars)

Oxen are noble creatures. It is shamefully that this old white male is appropriating ox culture

funny Lil story

(5 stars)

short funny interesting entertaining well r e a d