Nobody's Boy

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(2.3 stars; 10 reviews)

One day, French mason Jerome Barberin finds an abandoned baby boy. As the boy is wearing fine clothes, Barberin hopes that he is the son of rich parents who will reclaim him soon and offer a reward to Barberin for taking care of him. He therefore brings the boy home to his wife, and gives him the name Remi.

'However, no rich parents ever turn up to reclaim Remi. Instead, the family falls on hard times and Barberin wants to get rid of the boy. When Remi is eight years old, Barberin sees his chance in the travelling artist Signor Vitalis, who is travelling through France with his three dogs and a monkey. Vitalis offers to take care of Remi, and they travel on together. While Vitalis is a kind master and teaches Remi lots of useful skills, the two also suffer poverty, and Remi still lacks knowledge of his true heritage. Summary by Carolin, with help from Wikipedia. (9 hr 22 min)


My Village Home 11:58 Read by Elli
My Adopted Father 12:50 Read by Elli
Signor Vitalis' Company 17:12 Read by Elli
The Maternal House 10:45 Read by Elli
En Route 7:33 Read by Elli
My Début 14:36 Read by Elli
Child and Animal Learning 7:03 Read by Elli
One Who Had Known a King 9:35 Read by Elli
Arrested 14:28 Read by Elli
Homeless 30:23 Read by Elli
Another Boy's Mother 12:37 Read by Elli
The Master's Consent 9:34 Read by Elli
Weary Dreary Days 26:07 Read by LT
The Death of Pretty-Heart 23:15 Read by Siobhan McAlpin
Faithful Friends 9:26 Read by Loraine Flegal
The Padrone 25:36 Read by Loraine Flegal
Poor Vitalis 18:03 Read by Mayah
New Friends 21:41 Read by Shasta
Disaster 33:03 Read by Shasta
Mattia 37:09 Read by Shasta
Meeting Old Friends 16:16 Read by Shasta
Imprisoned In a Mine 30:24 Read by Foon
Once More upon the Way 15:30 Read by Shasta
Friendship that Is True 33:27 Read by Campbell Schelp
Mother, Brothers and Sisters 15:08 Read by Bhavya
Bitter Disappointment 13:34 Read by Foon
A Distressing Discovery 24:11 Read by Campbell Schelp
A Mysterious Stranger 7:22 Read by Loraine Flegal
In Prison 14:11 Read by Bhavya
Escape 10:54 Read by Kathleen Moore
Hunting for the Swan 8:32 Read by Kathleen Moore
Finding A Real Mother 13:05 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Dream Come True 7:28 Read by Kathleen Moore



(1 stars)

Maybe I should read it? Is that a helpful suggestion when a member offers well intentioned feedback to an organization purporting to provide narrations of public domain books? If I wanted to read a book would it make sense to come to LibriVox? Elli sounds lovely but she should not be narrating books in English. For her to be told otherwise is unkind to her and unfortunate to listeners. If you take the time and resources to create an audiobook why do it if the final product turns people off and drives them away? The service is free but that shouldn’t mean you get what you pay for. LibriVox is doing a good thing but it means nothing to anybody if a performance standard is not set and followed. There are countless books that are so bad that they should be heavily edited, reread or tossed. On the other hand, the great majority of readers do a good job and deserve our thanks.

(0.5 stars)

I have to agree about the reader. Ellie has a pleasant voice but I can't understand her at all.

(0.5 stars)

Wow! What an awful reading! Who can understand this? It makes my bones itch listening to her read, I keep wanting to help her sound out the words correctly.

@ellene and lynx

(5 stars)

So, why don't you read it then? There is an accent, yes but it definitely is understandable and the voice is indeed pleasant :) Btw., there are readers without accent, too.