Steep Trails

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A collection of Muir's previously unpublished essays, released shortly after his death. "This volume will meet, in every way, the high expectations of Muir's readers. The recital of his experiences during a stormy night on the summit of Mount Shasta will take rank among the most thrilling of his records of adventure. His observations on the dead towns of Nevada, and on the Indians gathering their harvest of pine nuts, recall a phase of Western life that has left few traces in American literature. ... The landscapes that Muir saw ... will live in good part only in his writings, for fire, axe, plough, and gunpowder have made away with the supposedly boundless forest wildernesses and their teeming life." (From the Editor's note to the 1918 first edition) (9 hr 15 min)


01 - Wild Wool 30:16 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
02 - A Geologist's Winter's Walk 19:11 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
03 - Summer Days at Mt. Shasta 38:41 Read by Michelle Montano
04 - A Perilous Night on Shasta's Summit 33:30 Read by Michelle Montano
05 - Shasta Rambles and Modoc Memories 34:11 Read by Brian von Dedenroth
06 - The City of the Saints 12:57 Read by Bellona Times
07 - A Great Storm in Utah 8:29 Read by John Dennison
08 - Bathing in Salt Lake 7:16 Read by Mark F. Smith
09 - Mormon Lilies 13:45 Read by John Dennison
10 - The San Gabriel Valley 12:16 Read by jenniferyying
11 - The San Gabriel Mountains 12:28 Read by TriciaG
12 - Nevada Farms 14:32 Read by Bellona Times
13 - Nevada Forests 15:32 Read by Jim Clevenger
14 - Nevada's Timber Belt 16:56 Read by Jim Clevenger
15 - Glacial Phenomena in Nevada 13:00 Read by J. M. Smallheer
16 - Nevada's Dead Towns 15:29 Read by Jim Clevenger
17 - Puget Sound 33:53 Read by Brian von Dedenroth
18 - The Forests of Washington 24:42 Read by smhamon
19 - People and Towns of Puget Sound 15:59 Read by John Dennison
20 - An Ascent of Mount Rainier 13:48 Read by Mark F. Smith
21 - The Physical & Climatic Characteristics of Oregon 36:30 Read by John Dennison
22 - The Forests of Oregon & their Inhabitants 37:03 Read by John Dennison
23 - The Rivers of Oregon 25:32 Read by John Dennison
24-1 - The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, part 1 33:06 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
24-2 - The Grand Canyon of the Colorado, part 2 36:31 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)


(5 stars)

Very detailed. I felt like I was out on the mountain with them.

(4 stars)

Anazing to learn how John Muir had such a poetic soul and admiration by nature that is so contagious while reading his letters. Funny to see is position about the Mormons of Utah... In chapter 5 he says that the best way to know the wilderness is by foot, as we can meander thru like bees looking for nectar... His bath in Salt Lake City is very interesting too... Sometimes though he gets too descriptive, but that's when his biologist side overimposes on his mountanier one.

Excellent Adventure very enjoyable

(5 stars)

thanks to all the readers

one of his best

(3 stars)

very enjoyable book, once again he has provided very vivid descriptions of places, fauna and flora, I'm sure this will be a valuable historical record for many.