Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway

Read by Betsie Bush

(4.5 stars; 19 reviews)

Gardening expert Steve Solomon has written extensively on gardening techniques for the home gardener. Water conservation is the focus of this work, along with more information on how to have the healthiest plants in your garden through "fertigation", appropriate plant rotation, and soil preparation. (Summary by Brenda Price) (3 hr 5 min)


Introduction, Starting a New Gardening Era 10:51 Read by Betsie Bush
Predictably Rainless Summers 8:39 Read by Betsie Bush
Water-Wise Gardening Science 20:13 Read by Betsie Bush
Helping Plants to Need Less Irrigation 32:38 Read by Betsie Bush
Water-Wise Gardening Year-Round 11:58 Read by Betsie Bush
How to Grow It with Less Irrigation: A-Z 1:13:18 Read by Betsie Bush
My Own Garden Plan 12:45 Read by Betsie Bush
The Backyard Water-Wise Gardener 15:08 Read by Betsie Bush


pretty much sumsit up in a nut shell

(5 stars)

Very informative I learned a lot from it I’m gonna probably have to listen to it again because there’s lotta technical information to that was hard for me to absorb it all but really good book he’s not like an expert reallry expert but he doesn’t claim to be. He laid it out in G what seems like a really honest sharing of knowledge. Cheers

(5 stars)

Great book for gardeners or farmers interested in creatively interpreting their practice. Very well read.

lots of great info and read really well by one reader

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Thanks so much for reading these gardening books!

Gardening Without Water

(4 stars)

Very informative & interesting