Historic Papers on the Causes of the Civil War

Read by FNH

(4.4 stars; 40 reviews)

While claiming to be historical papers on the causes of the United States Civil War, the author indulges in some Slavery Apologetics. An interesting view from a Southern lady on what caused the war and why the South was the underdog. (Summary by FNH) (1 hr 26 min)


01 – The Old South 15:20 Read by FNH
02 – Slavery 19:14 Read by FNH
03 – Secession 24:11 Read by FNH
04 – The Southern Confederacy 28:04 Read by FNH


Ageless Tumult

(5 stars)

Comparing or most recent ejection with those of the past I am inclined to think things have remained much the same in terms of our struggle to be ONE nation under God. As opposed to having gotten worse and worse as some say, we but continue the old strife even when the reasons why have faded into the obscurity of history.

Euphemistic ideas of slavery

(1.5 stars)

All our ideas are shaped by the times we live in. This also is the case of the author. So I never would want to be too harsh on a person being so far removed from that time. The authors euphemistic views of slavery in the antebellum era are a little hard to take. Nevertheless the reader is good and the book is worth listening too.

Anti Union

(5 stars)

I gave this 5 stars although I completely disagree with almost everything in this writing. I is a Southview to justify the Civil War. I believe when you study history, you must view all aspects and no to br one-sided.


(1 stars)

Out-dated ideas & ideals are common in this title. And too much stereotyping for my taste.

Valuable read on the history of state sovereignty

(5 stars)