Songs of the Outlands: Ballads of the Hoboes and Other Verse

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A poetry collection. The poem "Out There Somewhere" was extensively quoted in and was the basis for Edgar Rice Burroughs' story "Return of the Mucker." (Summary by TriciaG) (1 hr 18 min)


The Walking Man 4:11 Read by Peter Yearsley
It Was Overland the Red 1:49 Read by stepheather
The Outland Trails 3:25 Read by Alan Mapstone
Sunshine Over Yuma 2:26 Read by stepheather
The Mule-Skinner 3:03 Read by Alan Mapstone
Out There Somewhere 4:19 Read by Clarisse Marie
Oliver West 2:25 Read by Larry Wilson
The Hills 1:11 Read by Peter Yearsley
Overland's Delight 6:37 Read by Bill Mosley
The Prospector 3:30 Read by Alan Mapstone
Lady-Bird 2:13 Read by Lee Vogler
Hash 2:49 Read by Larry Wilson
Gentrytown 2:41 Read by Brize C
Along the Shore 3:46 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Sheep and the Goats 3:44 Read by Kerry Adams
Ballade of the Boes 1:45 Read by Stephen Harvey
The Grand Old Privilege 1:04 Read by Stephen Harvey
Nothing to Do But Go 1:38 Read by Stephen Harvey
Bread 0:47 Read by Laurie Banza
On the Range 3:20 Read by Kerry Adams
The Patriot 3:44 Read by Alan Mapstone
My Heart's Desire 1:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Woodland Bird 2:27 Read by Kerry Adams
Nannette 1:56 Read by Clarisse Marie
Carcassonne 3:15 Read by Alan Mapstone
Romany Maid 1:31 Read by Peter Yearsley
Voyageurs 2:29 Read by Alan Mapstone
For the Wind is Never Hushing 1:56 Read by Kerry Adams
Where the Ponies Come to Drink 2:56 Read by Peter Yearsley