Bible (KJV) NT 01: The Sermon On the Mount, Matthew 5-7

Read by Ben Douglas

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The Sermon On The Mount is one of the teachings in the ministry of Jesus Christ. In The Sermon On The Mount is found many sayings and important precepts held by Christian churches, sayings such as The Beatitudes, The Lord's Prayer, and other teachings about forgiveness, giving, and the "Golden Rule" about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Men such as Tolstoy and Gandhi found special meaning in The Sermon On The Mount, and Christians have read and listened to this important portion of scripture for centuries.

The Bible version used for this reading is the King James Version. This traditional Bible has been praised for its poetic beauty, imagery, and its use for memorization of Bible verses. (summary by Ben Douglas) (0 hr 12 min)


The Sermon On The Mount 12:39 Read by Ben Douglas


A description of living faith

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I've listened to this recording hundreds of times. I like that the reader bundled these three chapters together allowing this to be one cohesive message. The reader's style takes backseat to the astounding text. I like that and it's one reason I've gone on to listen to this so many times.

Very touching!!! Great Read!!

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Powerful!!! The Words of Jesus!!! I love them. I enjoy listening to Jesus Words, over and over again.

well read, a pleasure to listen to.

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Jesus catechism . What a wonderful teaching

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(5 stars)

Very good and succinct read.

The Sermon On The Mount Is One Beautifully Told Story In The Bib

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I Listened With My Android Phone And Wireless Headphones Thanks Author For Recreating The Sermon Just Like Its Told In The Bible

narrative is clear and I like listening to the word of the Lord

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The Sermon On The Mount Matthew Another Greastes Books of the bi

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