The Little Colonel

Read by Maria Therese

(4.5 stars; 41 reviews)

The scene of this story is laid in Kentucky. Its heroine is a small girl, who is known as the Little Colonel, on account of her fancied resemblance to an old-school Southern gentleman, whose fine estate and old family are famous in the region. (Introduction taken from original book.) (1 hr 42 min)


Chapter 1 12:42 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 2 9:46 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 3 11:33 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 4 8:30 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 5 12:09 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 6 9:02 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 7 11:02 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 8 10:34 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 9 9:59 Read by Maria Therese
Chapter 10 7:07 Read by Maria Therese


Nice Short story

(4 stars)

This is a nice little short story. The author uses terminology to refer to African Americans that unfortunately in those times was used. It is unfortunate that people spoke that way but you need to take it in the context of the time the story was written (not that it makes it right.) The story is about forgiveness which is something that is appropriate whether it is the 1800's or the year 200. The narrator does a good job, there are a few noises with the microphone but overall she narrated well.


(5 stars)

Excellent story for light reading All readers were super!

nicely done

(5 stars)

re- read 11/22 i an in Texas and just realized that The Little Colonel is the first of a series when i stumbled upon several that took place in this area, and were based on true events/ locations. so I'm starting over :-) Next book: The Gate of the Giant Scissors

Good book, reader ok

(4 stars)

This book was written in a time, where african american people were still living on plantations and so, there is a lot of racism in this book. However, it was an interesting read, but I would not recommend this book for children.

cute story

(4.5 stars)

Very cute story, so well read that a person could play it to their little ones at bedtime. :-) thank you again for your readings, Bruce G

(4 stars)

Sweet old fashioned story of forgiveness. Prewarning set after civil war.


(4 stars)

not my favorite but i did listen to the end.

sweet story

(5 stars)

Sweet story, well read.