Survivors' Tales of Famous Crimes

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.4 stars; 17 reviews)

In this anthology of true crime tales, editor Walter Wood interviews those who were touched by the crimes recounted, sometimes as an acquaintance of the deceased or criminal or in the course of their professional duties. This work provides a personal look at some of the most sensational crimes and scandals of late 19th and early 20th century Britain. (Summary by Nullifidian) (8 hr 8 min)


00 - Introduction 3:02 Read by Nullifidian
01 - The Moat Farm Murder 27:08 Read by TriciaG
02 - Henry Wainwright's Crime 30:20 Read by Jules Hawryluk
03 - The Sham Baronet 36:47 Read by Jules Hawryluk
04 - The Penge Mystery 23:44 Read by Thinking
05 - Kate Webster's Revenge 22:49 Read by Ann Boulais
06 - The Master Criminal 19:15 Read by Lucy Perry
07 - The Brighton Railway Murder 20:36 Read by Cori Samuel
08 - Palmer's Poisonings 33:03 Read by TriciaG
09 - The Southend Murder 18:24 Read by Ann Boulais
10 - The Reading Baby-Farmer 20:25 Read by TriciaG
11 - The Mystery of Yarmouth Beach 26:42 Read by Bill Mosley
12 - The Ardlamont Riddle 27:49 Read by LivelyHive
13 - The Newcastle Train Murder 23:05 Read by ashleighjane
14 - The Lamson Case 18:22 Read by cher0520
15 - Crippen's Callous Crime 21:11 Read by Terry Goodyer
16 - Seddon's Greed of Gold 28:38 Read by Tom Lennon
17 - The Hooded Man 29:50 Read by Jules Hawryluk
18 - The Vauxhall Train Tragedy 23:50 Read by Jules Hawryluk
19 - The Tottenham Outrage 33:52 Read by Jules Hawryluk


Read every one, enjoyed them all!

(5 stars)

Good stuff, a cut above ! Does a housebound bookworm good. We are not worthy, dear LibriVox! Of special interest were THE SHAM BARONET, on the "great" Tichborne case or the Butcher of Wagga Wagga (just wanted to say Wagga Wagga don't you love 'stralian?). Seven years and two trials were needed to decide whether the drowned heir who surfaces years later is an imposter; and that about Dr. Crippen, who I recently (2013ish) heard is now being called an innocent man. Decide for yourself with this tale from a witness who knew the Crippens intimately.


(5 stars)

Great eyewitness accounts of famous crimes. Well read by all the volunteers.