The Shadow of the Rope

Read by Jacquerie

(4.6 stars; 109 reviews)

Rachel Minchin stands in the dock, accused of murdering the dissolute husband she was preparing to leave. The trial is sensational, and public opinion vehemently and almost universally against her. When the jury astonishes and outrages the world with a verdict of Not Guilty, Rachel quickly finds herself in need of protection. It comes in the form of a surprising offer of marriage from a mysterious stranger who has sat through every day of her trial. The marriage to this intriguing stranger, Mr. Steel, is by mutual agreement to be a platonic one, the only condition of which is that neither is ever to question the other about the past. The two travel to Steel’s remote country estate, where Rachel accidentally discovers that her second husband’s past was somehow intertwined with her first husband’s history – but how, exactly, and why he determined to marry her, Steel will not say. As her doubts about her husband increase, local busybodies threaten to unearth Rachel’s own past. And that is the least of the secrets that comes to light as this entertaining mystery unfolds. (Introduction by Christine Dufour) (8 hr 14 min)


Chapter I - The End of Their Life 20:37 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter II - The Case for the Crown 15:08 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter III - Name and Nature 18:51 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter IV - The Man in the Train 22:13 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter V - The Man in the Street 23:36 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VI - A Peripatetic Providence 14:30 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VII - A Morning Call 11:35 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VIII - The Dove and the Serpent 22:35 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter IX - A Change of Scene 13:07 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter X - A Slight Discrepancy 19:26 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XI - Another New Friend 20:08 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XII - Episode of the Invisible Visitor 27:41 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIII - The Australian Room 13:46 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIV - Battle Royal 12:32 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XV - A Chance Encounter 15:55 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVI - A Match for Mrs. Venables 19:01 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVII - Friends in Need 11:09 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVIII - "They Which Were Bidden" 18:07 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIX - Rachel's Champion 16:51 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XX - More Haste 11:15 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXI - Worse Speed 15:04 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXII - The Darkest Hour 16:00 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXIII - Dawn 16:18 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXIV - One Who Was Not Bidden 16:13 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXV - A Point to Langholm 17:16 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXVI - A Cardinal Point 23:41 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXVII - The Whole Truth 22:47 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXVIII - In the Matter of A Motive 19:24 Read by Jacquerie


Excellent story

(5 stars)

The summary pretty much covers the storyline. This book is unbelievable in its twists. You think it is going in one direction, and surprise! You are in a different direction all together. It was also very engrossing; I found myself wanting to keep listening at every opportunity. The reader is very good; she has a nice voice that is clear and easy to follow. Enjoy!

Excellent Mystery & reading

(5 stars)

A husband is murdered! Is the wife innocent or guilty? A stranger comes to her rescue, but why? What is the strangers motives? An author follows the trail of evidence, but does he come to the correct conclusions? I could hardly contain my control in not jumping to the last chapters to find out all of the answers and who murdered the husband. I am glad I waited. This is an excellent mystery and reading. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire story! Great entertainment and so appreciative for Librivox readers!

(5 stars)

Great story with enough twist and turns. not too many characters, so it was easy to follow. the reader was GREAT!

Lovely Melodrama Mystery

(5 stars)

I adore this volunteer reader, and thus fell under the spell of this little mystery, though not woven tightly enough to be chilling, it had a sweet love story beneath the macabre murder.

very excellent

(5 stars)

The Shadow of the Rope has intriguing twists throughout-- good denouement followed by a non-classical ending. The reader is quite good-- she comes from the 3rd person perspective rather than taking on the roles.

An unusual tale

(4.5 stars)

What an unusual book. Lots to keep you guessing. I enjoyed it, and the Librivox volunteer reader did a very good job.

Wow! Great Story!

(5 stars)

This one kept me going the whole time. So well-written and excellently read, with a surprise at the very end!

really good!!

(5 stars)

Never heard of the author. Was very happy to find this book because it was worth It.