The Trees of Pride

Read by Maria Therese

(3.9 stars; 72 reviews)

Three trees, known as the Peacock trees, are blamed by the peasants for the fever that has killed many. Squire Vane scoffs at this legend as superstition. To prove them wrong, once and for all, he takes a bet to spend the night in the trees. In the morning he has vanished. Is he dead, and if so who has killed him? The poet? The lawyer? The woodsman? The trees? (Summary by Maria Therese) (2 hr 15 min)


1 - The Tale of the Peacock Trees 33:48 Read by Maria Therese
2 - The Wager of Squire Vane 32:50 Read by Maria Therese
3 - The Mystery of the Well 34:37 Read by Maria Therese
4 - The Chase After the Truth 33:51 Read by Maria Therese


(3.5 stars)

Not my favorite Chesterton but quite insightful none-the-less. The pride of a powerful Squire causes great harm to the common folk. A non-believing Doctor takes steps to correct the situation.


(0.5 stars)

I had to repeatedly listen to sentences. Rapid maybe showing off reading... Words blending,, as when one is trying to disguise what one is saying so others can't hear it. Also read like reading a boring announcement. I'm sure this reader could do it better. Just imagine someone wants to hear what is being said and wants to be entertained. I had too abandon this after a few sentences. No idea what the story is about nor what those sentences said. Sorry.

(5 stars)

This starts off very slowly and yet you must understand the first chapter to really enjoy the story. The reader goes a little too fast for me, but I slow the speed down to .9 and she is much easier to understand. I do the same thing with readers who have accents that are unfamiliar to me. I am so grateful to all the readers who provide this material. They have given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

Who dunnit!?

(3 stars)

I personally didn't get into this work, but it's definitely a high grade of writing. A mystery, who done it type style, with a pensive look at the simplicity of superstition.

(2.5 stars)

Reader could do a better job. Her voice is clear and soothing but she reads way to fast, half eaten words and lack of emotion makes it hard to enjoy

(5 stars)

This is the first Chesterton I’ve read and now I know why he’s so famous! What a great story.

interesting short story

(4.5 stars)

Interesting story with complexity. I enjoyed listening to the reader. Thank you, Bruce G

Connie Green

(4 stars)

This was an interesting mystery with a surprising ending. The reader did a good job.