The Picture of Dorian Gray (version 2 dramatic reading)

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(4.3 stars; 1217 reviews)

The novel tells of a young man named Dorian Gray, the subject of a painting by artist Basil Hallward. Basil is impressed by Dorian's beauty and becomes infatuated with him, believing his beauty is responsible for a new mode in his art. Dorian meets Lord Henry Wotton, a friend of Basil's, and becomes enthralled by Lord Henry's world view. Espousing a new hedonism, Lord Henry suggests the only things worth pursuing in life are beauty and fulfillment of the senses. Realizing that one day his beauty will fade, Dorian expresses his desire to sell his soul to ensure the portrait Basil has painted would age rather than himself. Dorian's wish is fulfilled, plunging him into debauched acts. The portrait serves as a reminder of the effect each act has upon his soul, with each sin displayed as a disfigurement of his form, or through a sign of aging. This reading uses the 20-chapter 1891 version of Wilde's novel. (Summary by Wikipedia)


NARRATOR - Martin Geeson
Lord Henry Wotton - David Goldfarb
Dorian Gray - Volunteer
Basil Hallward - Anthony
Sibyl Vane - Miss Avarice
James Vane - David Lawrence
Duchess of Monmouth - Availle
Victor - Martin Geeson
Francis - Simon Pride
Cab Driver - Simon Pride
Parker - Elizabeth Klett
Lord Fermor - Anthony
Lady Agatha - Sarah
Duchess of Harley - Hannah Harris
Sir Thomas Burdon - Terence Taylor
Mr. Erskine - Frank Booker
Mrs. Vandeleur - Mary-Beth Blackburn
Lady Henry - Susanna
Mrs. Vane - Arielle Lipshaw
Mrs. Leaf - Rebeka Harris
Mr. Hubbard - Frank Booker
Alan Campbell - Ernst Pattynama
Lady Narborough - Elizabeth Klett
Lady Ruxton - Mary-Beth Blackburn
Adrian Singleton - Joseph Lawler
Woman - Lucy Perry
Sir Geoffrey Clouston - Mark F. Smith
Gamekeeper - Martin Geeson
Gardener- Joseph Lawler
Young Man - Elizabeth Klett
Old Gentleman - Mark F. Smith
Constable - Joseph Lawler

Audio edited by Arielle Lipshaw (9 hr 27 min)


Dramatis Personae/Preface 6:41 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 1 30:39 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 2 37:03 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 3 33:24 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 4 38:33 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 5 31:13 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 6 17:53 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 7 33:24 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 8 37:25 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 9 24:14 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 10 24:50 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 11, Part 1 32:47 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 11, Part 2 28:29 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 12 16:53 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 13 19:04 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 14 34:19 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
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Chapter 18 24:01 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 19 23:50 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 20 15:48 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Great story, witty writing, loved Lord Henry

(4 stars)

First, yes Dorian was so miscast! It was pretty bad. I wasn't crazy about the narrator either. Lord Henry was absolutely wonderful. For the story itself, I mean, it's a classic for a reason. And because of Wilde's experience as a playwright this novel makes a great audio book - easy to follow by listening alone. There was one chapter I didn't care for, where I feel Wilde was showing off his worldly knowledge. other than that, I think I may buy a hard copy because I loved the story so much.

Huge casting mistake in Dorian

(4 stars)

Thank you for a committed read, however, it was impossible for me to picture a beautiful, young, sensuous man in Dorian with that voice. Also the narrator was a bit too dramatic for my liking; made it seem like he was making fun of Oscar Wilde's writing. I would personally enjoy a more neutral approach. Still, excellent work and effort. Thank you!!

When Your Hot Young Tinder Match Is 57 And Full Of Cheap Whisky...

(2.5 stars)

I have read the Picture of Dorian Gray about 8 times and decided to revisit it, this time in audiobook form to improve my morning commute. The first few minutes were jarring as I couldn’t decide if the main narrator was circling into the astral plane or trying to seduce me and failing miserably (and humorously). Imagine my absolute horror when at last “Dorian” spoke and had a deep, mumbling, wheezy voice. Not the voice of a tempting, youthful, Adonis-like muse but more like that of the weird British uncle I’ve never had, uttering of his innocence and astonishment with aesthetics while shoving caramels into his sinuses. I tried listening a few more times and had to stop after the dinner scene with Lord Henry, as a number of the dinner guests/actors sounded like they were recording from inside bathroom stalls. Many of the voice actors were also Americans and for a story which picks on Americans often enough to make this detail memorable, this was not a good choice. TL;DR: Dorian sounded hideous and I couldn’t finish the book.

Change the reading please

(4 stars)

Please, change the reading of Dorian. It's dreadful! This voice don't fit the character in any way. Perhaps, Anthony would be better, and Alby Pug must reading the painter, better macth for his voice. I'm spanish reader who use this listening books to improve my english, but seriously, this voice remember me and old man without real teeth, not a young one discovering his own passions, sins and emotions. It fits more with the moralist painter of the picture. I love all the others! Good job!

good Performance

(4 stars)

I didn't know that "The picture of Dorian Gray" had a different kind of sensuality to it. It is the other type of sensuality than the versions presented on television. Television would portray him as the "dark" kind of handsome, roguish with dark hair and chiseled features as opposed to the original wherein he looks more angelic like with curly blonde hair and soft features as if he was as innocent as a cherub. This beauty that Dorian Gray possesses seems so harmless as if he could not do anything wrong. However, he could never escape the darkness of his actions because it reflects on the portrait. As far as the casting goes, I liked the voice of Basil. I wish he did Dorian's voice. Dorian's voice seemed a bit old and would not fit the innocence he is to portray.

Once settled in, really enjoyed this reading

(4 stars)

Although I agree with other reviewers that the casting of Dorian Gray could have been better (not for the skill of the voice actor, but for his voice's fit to the character) and that, at the beginning, the narrator seems overly affected, I thoroughly enjoyed this reading. Once I settled to the voices, I was compelled to listen to the full book. When, about half way through, I discovered another adaptation, I realised I was completely unwilling to abandon the characters and the settings of this adaptation. I encourage you to listen on!


(5 stars)

This book is a longtime favorite and I’ve read it more than once and have watched several movies that have come out of Hollywood over the years. Listening to it for the first time has been a great joy. John Gonzalez brings it to life better than any other medium. His rendition is perfect in delivery and I nearly wept during the last chapter. John's inflection is simply breathtaking! Loved every minute listening to Mr. Gonzalez. Thank you LibriVox and thank you so very much John.


(4 stars)

I was familiar with this character but had never read his original story. A dark philosophical piece that gives closure to the character but not the reader. Excellent art! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed despicable characters more than I have in this book. A few voices in the reading are poorly recorded but they are minor characters so it’s not too distracting. While Dorian’s voice was interesting and distinct, it was not youthful.