The Constitution of the United States of America, 1787

Read by Kristen McQuillin

(4.7 stars; 139 reviews)

This 1787 document defines the rights and responsibilities of federal government of the United States of America. (0 hr 28 min)


Article 1 12:58 Read by Kristen McQuillin
Article 2 5:51 Read by Kristen McQuillin
Article 3 2:37 Read by Kristen McQuillin
Article 4 2:14 Read by Kristen McQuillin
Article 5 1:08 Read by Kristen McQuillin
Article 6 1:18 Read by Kristen McQuillin
Article 7 2:04 Read by Kristen McQuillin


(5 stars)

Every American needs to read and be familiar with this document and it's history, and understand it defines and limits the sum total of the powers and responsibilities of their government.

remember the rules

(5 stars)

when we reflect upon what standards have been set to run this country. we cansee they are simple, clear and understandable for anyone to undersrand.

Neil Tiwari

(5 stars)

Love listening to this. It's like Music

read brilliantly!

(5 stars)

I enjoy how the reader dialect this reading; it was very easy to follow and relaxing to listen to(who would have thought of tue Constitution, am I right?!)

Well done, voice was clear though the recording was soft

(5 stars)

(4 stars)

got problems, but a lot of good

whoa, there!

(2 stars)

This is a highly revered historical document, and it's never been more important for Americans to understand their Constitution and it's underlying principles. The reader may get points for annunciation, but treats the task of reading, for others to listen, as if she was getting paid on a bet to read the whole document in under 1/2 hour. Someone else please submit an alternate reading, and take your time so others can digest and understand the content better.