Daniel Boone

Read by Allyson Hester

(4.4 stars; 98 reviews)

This is a detailed biography of the life and adventures of Daniel Boone. His accomplishments are brushed over in history classes these days and not given the recognition they deserve. This biography clearly paints a picture of the benevolent person of Daniel Boone as well as the achievements he made in furthering European settlement in America. (Summary by Allyson Hester) (7 hr 48 min)


01 - Chapter 1 42:33 Read by Allyson Hester
02 - Chapter 2 54:17 Read by Allyson Hester
03 - Chapter 3 21:01 Read by Allyson Hester
04 - Chapter 4 29:21 Read by Allyson Hester
05 - Chapter 5 28:43 Read by Allyson Hester
06 - Chapter 6 31:36 Read by Allyson Hester
07 - Chapter 7 44:12 Read by Allyson Hester
08 - Chapter 8 40:02 Read by Allyson Hester
09 - Chapter 9 29:16 Read by Allyson Hester
10 - Chapter 10 27:59 Read by Allyson Hester
11 - Chapter 11 31:43 Read by Allyson Hester
12 - Chapter 12 30:55 Read by Allyson Hester
13 - Chapter 13 40:11 Read by Allyson Hester
14 - Chapter 14 16:18 Read by Allyson Hester


reader leaves a lot to be desired

(3.5 stars)

good information in the book but the reader does not pronounce locations correctly, that may seem trivial but it's very annoying

(5 stars)

Superbly written and superbly read. I learned a lot. I recommended it to my grandson for the historical value.

Good Reader, Exciting Frontier Stories

(5 stars)

For those who enjoy the imagery of woodland log cabins and musket clad pioneers, this is a fun book to get lost in. It details some of the early settlers' conflicts with the Native Americans. While the author acknowledges the mistreatment of the natives by the white settlers, he still shows plenty of bias towards the settlers. Still, he seems to be genuine in telling the facts so far as he understands them. The book rambles a bit chronologically, but it gives many examples of frontier life during Daniel Boone's life; a great escape into a more rugged and exciting way of life. There is one reader the entire time and she does an excellent job.

(5 stars)

This is the most detailed and grippingly adventuresome Boone biography on Libravox. It compliments the other two. The reader is very pleasant and any mistakes in pronunciation are humorous, but not distracting.

(5 stars)

very interesting and well read. it seems hard to imagine that wilderness and men like this really existed , I feel saddened it all had to change.


(5 stars)

Very good. Wish it was longer. Filled with many daily life details. Also his later life. Excellently read

Very well done..

(5 stars)

A very good book. A great job on the reading and recording of this book..


(4 stars)

good book, well read with excellent cadence, minor pronunciation issues