The Middle Temple Murder

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(4.4 stars; 223 reviews)

The dead body of a man is found on the steps to some chambers of Middle Temple Lane, near London's law courts. A journalist and a young lawyer start investigating. - This classic English murder mystery was written in 1920 by J.S. Fletcher, himself a lawyer turned journalist and author. (Summary by Gesine) (8 hr 15 min)


I THE SCRAP OF GREY PAPER 14:37 Read by Betsie Bush
II HIS FIRST BRIEF 14:15 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
III THE CLUE OF THE CAP 16:16 Read by Patricia Oakley
IV THE ANGLO-ORIENT HOTEL 13:16 Read by Mark Nelson
VI WITNESS TO A MEETING 14:12 Read by Mark Nelson
VII MR. AYLMORE 14:24 Read by Betsie Bush
IX THE DEALER IN RARE STAMPS 13:03 Read by Julian Jamison
X THE LEATHER BOX 15:53 Read by Gesine
XI MR. AYLMORE IS QUESTIONED 17:06 Read by Patricia Oakley
XII THE NEW WITNESS 12:08 Read by Ezwa
XIII UNDER SUSPICION 12:14 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
XIV THE SILVER TICKET 13:44 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
XV MARKET MILCASTER 15:26 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
XVI THE "YELLOW DRAGON" 11:42 Read by Sara Walsh
XVIII AN OLD NEWSPAPER 13:55 Read by Julian Jamison
XIX THE CHAMBERLAYNE STORY 15:11 Read by Westwinds12
XX MAITLAND _alias_ MARBURY 14:10 Read by Westwinds12
XXI ARRESTED 14:36 Read by Patricia Oakley
XXII THE BLANK PAST 13:12 Read by Gesine
XXIII MISS BAYLIS 11:41 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
XXIV MOTHER GUTCH 13:35 Read by Gesine
XXV REVELATIONS 13:58 Read by Cori Samuel
XXVI STILL SILENT 13:22 Read by Sean McGaughey
XXVII MR. ELPHICK'S CHAMBERS 12:33 Read by krithiga
XXVIII OF PROVED IDENTITY 11:53 Read by Sara Walsh
XXIX THE CLOSED DOORS 11:22 Read by Sara Walsh
XXX REVELATION 13:10 Read by krithiga
XXXI THE PENITENT WINDOW-CLEANER 15:32 Read by Brian J. Callaghan
XXXII THE CONTENTS OF THE COFFIN 10:41 Read by Aaron Benedict
XXXIII FORESTALLED 14:30 Read by Gesine
XXXIV THE WHIP HAND 12:40 Read by Sean McGaughey
XXXV MYERST EXPLAINS 18:32 Read by Brian J. Callaghan
XXXVI THE FINAL TELEGRAM 12:28 Read by Kirsten Ferreri


Good Story

(5 stars)

What if a person tried to fix something from the past and then was murdered for it? This is the basis for this book. Enter an inquisitive reporter with a good mind who is determined to solve the murder and outwit the police officers. Now there's a newspaper I'd LOVE to read. The mystery is well-written and keeps you guessing as to who the REAL guilty party is. Reading is mostly well done, with a few rough spots.

Good plot twists

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this book and all but 1-2 of the readers did an excellent job. My only complaint is the abrupt ending. After the carefully thought out story with all the details and plot development, I was surprised that the whole thing ended so suddenly and with a one sentence explanation.

A good whodunit

(5 stars)

The MikeZane review is spot on. I didn't know who did it until the end. Speaking of, some say that the ending was abrupt. It's not if you've been paying attention. By being told who the murderer was you then automatically knew why that person did it. There's no need to explain why unless your mind wandered or you fell asleep instead of hearing the entire book. I don't want to explain more because I don't want to spoil it. Regardless, this is a good old fashioned whodunit. It's a murder mystery without gore, with the only violence being the murder, without psychos, & with someone detecting and solving the crime. Just how I like them!

(5 stars)

This must have been one of the first books Libre recorded and used it to audition the 30 plus individual readers. Many of these individuals have kept sharing their talents with us who find the old books so pleasurable. Since we can not thank the authors, we can praise MOST of the readers who bring the books to life. However, there are some used repeatedly whose skills are so lacking I will not torture myself with the listening. They are not worth it

enjoyable story...good reading

(4.5 stars)

I like the plot of the story . JS Fletcher does, as always , an awesome job with this one. I find that I prefer that one reader read the whole thing; however, I realize that's a big commitment. The readers did pretty well, some of the audio was a little difficult but nobody was really difficult to understand.

Good story but don't like multiple readers

(4 stars)

The story is engaging. I enjoy this author. As others have said, it is annoying to have different readers each chapter and a few of them were quite bad. However., I persisted and went to the end which left me feeling as if the author didn't quite finish.

Interesting mystery.

(4.5 stars)

I find it difficult to "get involved" and follow along with so many readers. I would have enjoyed it more had there been only one reader. Hence, I cannot review story with objectivity. Sorry. Apropos, some of the readers were awful and detracted from the understanding and enjoyment of the story.


(5 stars)

One of Fletcher's best. The progression of discoveries keeps the reader wanting to learn more. One comment that I read was true to the mark: the ending was much too abrupt. It still is highly recommended.