The Warlord of Mars

Read by JD Weber

(4.6 stars; 900 reviews)

Warlord of Mars is a Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel, the third of his famous Barsoom series. John Carter continues his quest to be reunited with his wife, the princess Dejah Thoris, and discovers more fantastic creatures and ancient mysterious Martian races. (Summary from Wikipedia) (5 hr 23 min)


01 On the River Iss 21:26 Read by JD Weber
02 Under the Mountains 22:23 Read by JD Weber
03 The Temple of the Sun 18:43 Read by JD Weber
04 The Secret Tower 21:57 Read by JD Weber
05 On the Kaolian Road 24:52 Read by JD Weber
06 A Hero in Kaol 18:22 Read by JD Weber
07 New Allies 21:04 Read by JD Weber
08 Through the Carrion Caves 22:44 Read by JD Weber
09 With the Yellow Men 19:12 Read by JD Weber
10 In Durance 18:32 Read by JD Weber
11 The Pit of Plenty 19:06 Read by JD Weber
12 Follow the Rope 19:36 Read by JD Weber
13 The Magnet Switch 20:12 Read by JD Weber
14 The Tide of Battle 15:25 Read by JD Weber
15 Rewards 18:57 Read by JD Weber
16 The New Ruler 21:07 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)



(4 stars)

Love the book. Love love love it. Love the whole series, actually. Of the recording, I would say thank you to JD Webber for his perseverance. I nitpicked at his pronunciation of names and certain specific words, but that's just part and parcel of having me in the audience. ;)

Very good series and entertaining reading

(5 stars)

I used to love reading scifi and fantasy when I was younger and the responsibilities of adulthood were not yet a burden. Now I only really have time to listen to audio books while I am driving or working. So, I really appreciate the ones who read and distribute this content for free. This reader does a good job and the audio is just fine (does not distract from the content). There are nitpicks that have been pointed out but for me at least they don't hurt the experience.

Pretty good book in barsoom series

(4 stars)

The adventures of John Carter continue - you will want to listen to previous books so you get the story line. I have to concur with earlier reviewer that John Carter seems a bit too invulnerable. But eh, I am listening for the story line because I started with Thuvia, Maid of Mars and wanted to back up and get the whole story. What interests me is the underlying message of hope in this series; that different people of different skin colors can come together in unity and as one people. The earlier recordings are a bit high in pitch, I dropped the treble and upped the base to filter that out.

Masterfully written and action-packed story

(4 stars)

Burroughs wrote beautifully and packed a lot of action into his works. I am now a fan of his Barsoom series. Thanks to J.D. Weber for reading. In the future, he is recommended to please be sure how to pronounce words before committing them to audio: "lithe," "chasm," "malevolence," "succor," "escape," "stygian," "stead," and more. Several words were mispronounced in each chapter. More deliberate enunciation would be preferred with words having multiple "r"'s: "superrrr," "inferrrr," "interrrr," "exterrrr," "warrrr," "errrr," "terrrr," "horrrr," etc. Those who are bugged up by this may wish to download another reader.


(5 stars)

This one was very greatly and professionally read from the start to the end, I'm quite disappointed to hear that JD has disappeared and is not recording more of this series :D Anyway the sudden change of voice in the last chapter and the recognition of the by now familiar voice of Kara, is a delightful and surprising bonus addition to the entertainment of the reader who attains the end of the book. Thanks for the beautiful reading!

ah, Deja Thoris

(4 stars)

There is a lot of battle in this his book, more than any of the others in the series, and of course the righteous John Carter wins. Of course I know there are more books in the series so I know the ultimate outcome, but the uncanny timing is a little boring. Fine writing, great descriptions and excitement in all he writes. I wish he were alive to teach and write more!

Great read, but the story is so-so

(3 stars)

To me, this story in the series became tiresome. Frankly, the ominpotence of our hero becomes a little too extreme for me in this story, and the science fiction aspect of it all has practically vanished. JD, on the other hand, has at this point become an accomplished reader, and it's sad that he has stopped submitting stuff for LibriVox.

A truly wonderful trilogy!!!

(5 stars)

I am 74 years old and although I have spent my entire life reading I had never been introduced to Edgar's writing. I am profoundly happy that at long last I have had this pleasure!!!!