The Art of Travel

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(4.8 stars; 6 reviews)

The Art of Travel is a handbook of practical advice for the adventure seeking Victorian. We hear how to organize all steps of a voyage, from the very beginnings (qualifications of a traveller, how to organize an expedition, the perfect outfit), to the actual trip (how to choose a bivouac, huts and tents, what game to shoot - and how, as well as dealing with (hostile) savages), until the final, hopefully successful, return of the traveller (arranging memoranda). (Summary by Availle) (13 hr 38 min)


Preface 7:23 Read by Availle
Preparatory Enquiries 10:42 Read by Anna Simon
Organising an Expedition 9:30 Read by hearhis
Outfit 17:35 Read by Mike Worboys
Medicine 22:08 Read by Anna Simon
Surveying Instruments 4:43 Read by Stephanie Lee
Memoranda and Log-Books 12:09 Read by Gary Olman
Measurements 25:53 Read by Gary Olman
Climbing and Mountaineering 33:17 Read by Gary Olman
Cattle 32:21 Read by Gary Olman
Harness 22:59 Read by Gary Olman
Carriages 11:16 Read by Gary Olman
Swimming 12:58 Read by Garth Burton
Rafts and Boats 39:44 Read by Timothy Ferguson
Fords and Bridges 8:00 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Clothing 32:13 Read by Availle
Bedding 12:36 Read by Kalynda
Bivouac 27:23 Read by Sue Anderson
Huts 21:43 Read by Sue Anderson
Sleeping-Bags 7:00 Read by Anne Cheng
Tents 28:31 Read by Elaine Webb
Furniture 6:09 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Fire 40:32 Read by jcwyatt
Food 46:53 Read by Anna Simon
Water for Drinking 1:00:42 Read by Availle
Guns and Rifles 14:18 Read by bobbybrill
Gun-fittings and Ammunition 16:30 Read by bobbybrill
Hints on Shooting 25:53 Read by bobbybrill
Other Means of Capturing Game 16:06 Read by Stephanie Lee
Fishing 8:24 Read by Stephanie Lee
Signals 16:44 Read by Kalynda
Bearings by Compass, Sun, etc. 15:09 Read by Garth Burton
Marks by the Wayside 7:35 Read by Anna Simon
On Finding the Way 18:30 Read by Garth Burton
Caches and Depots 20:25 Read by Elaine Webb
Management of Savages 6:33 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Hostilities 20:34 Read by Stephanie Lee
Mechanical Appliances 9:45 Read by Garth Burton
Knots 4:37 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Writing Materials 12:39 Read by Stephanie Lee
Timber 9:47 Read by Stephanie Lee
Metals 7:27 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Leather 7:01 Read by Patrick Wells
Cords, String, and Thread 3:35 Read by Patrick Wells
Membrane, Sinew, and Horn 4:58 Read by Amy Gramour
Pottery 1:36 Read by Cate Mackenzie
Candles and Lamps 6:18 Read by Garth Burton
Conclusion of the Journey 9:36 Read by Patrick Wells


Field Guide for European

(4 stars)

a thorough guide to exploring the wilderness in 1860. Enjoy the listen.