On Union with God

Read by David Barnes

(4.8 stars; 93 reviews)

Surely the most deeply-rooted need of the human soul, its purest aspiration, is for the closest possible union with God. As one turns over the pages of this little work, written by Blessed Albert the Great towards the end of his life, when that great soul had ripened and matured, one feels that here indeed is the ideal of one's hopes. (From the Preface) (1 hr 31 min)


00 - Preface 4:41 Read by David Barnes
01 - Of the Highest Perfection which Man Can Attain Unto in this Life 3:32 Read by David Barnes
02 - How a Man May Despise All Things and Cleave to Christ Alone 4:00 Read by David Barnes
03 - The Law of Man's Perfection in this Life 3:13 Read by David Barnes
04 - That Our Labour Must Be With the Understanding and Not With the Senses 5:40 Read by David Barnes
05 - Of Purity of Heart, Which is to be Sought Above All Else 6:39 Read by David Barnes
06 - That a Man Truly Devout Must Seek God in Purity of Mind and Heart 4:50 Read by David Barnes
07 - On the Practice of Interior Recollection 6:04 Read by David Barnes
08 - That a Truly Devout Man Should Commit Himself to God in All That Befalls H… 5:02 Read by David Barnes
09 - The Contemplation of God is to be Preferred Above All Other Exercises 6:57 Read by David Barnes
10 - That We Should Not Be Too Solicitous for Actual and Sensible Devotion, but… 4:34 Read by David Barnes
11 - In What Manner We Should Resist Temptation and Endure Trials 3:47 Read by David Barnes
12 - The Power of the Love of God 5:44 Read by David Barnes
13 - Of the Nature and Advantages of Prayer - of Interior Recollection 5:18 Read by David Barnes
14 - That Everything Should be Judged According to the Testimony of our Conscie… 5:24 Read by David Barnes
15 - On the Contempt of Self: How it is Acquired: its Profit to the Soul 6:41 Read by David Barnes
16 - The Providence of God, Which Watches Over All Things 9:25 Read by David Barnes



(5 stars)

What a wonderful book to help is grow in union with God! And Mr. Barnes does a superb job reading it. I highly recommend it.

Spiritually edifying

(5 stars)

Very articulate reading. A classic treatise by a holy Dominican theologian to help Christians grow in our cleaving to God.

On Union with God

(5 stars)

This book is superb and is very well read.


(5 stars)

Great book and great narration.

A beautiful text very well read.

(5 stars)

Good Intention, but Limited

(3 stars)

As one who practices Union with God daily, I do feel that in my life it is the best of all things. I prefer some of the Eastern yoga meditation practices personally. Although this book does contain some great ideas, I feel that the author was too much influenced by superstitions and a few issues with the Christianity of his day. I don't believe that a loving God would eternally punish one for making mistakes in a world we don't understand fully, rather I believe there are many paths and All Souls return home at last. I also feel one should have loving self-forgiveness and not despise oneself. In my studies of the many religions of the world, I have come to the conclusion that it's about the individual issues and not each religion as a whole. I have learned much from Christianity, and I prefer the views of Emmet Fox in his book The Sermon on the Mount. There are just those issues of eternal punishment and also exclusivity, in which some religions believe theirs is the only right way that I disagree with.

Beautifully done!

(5 stars)

Quite Simply a superb work of God by a profound Saint- read as a work of art of Narration - according the busy Man or Women of God the ability to Listen to the Voice of God thru one of His masterful creations - my deep thanks to you Mr. Barnes

Beautiful Wisdom

(5 stars)

I receive so much comfort listening to this work. On my darkest of days it helps reorient my thoughts, heart and steps towards God. Thank you David for such lovey reading - you’ve made a great book an even greater treasure.