Right Ho, Jeeves

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.7 stars; 1197 reviews)

Bertram Wooster's manservant, Jeeves, is renown for his ability to apply his keen intellect to solve all problems domestic, and Bertie's friends and relatives flock to him for his counsel. But Wooster, jealous of Jeeves's fame, decides to step in and take over as the fixer of his pal's engagement, his aunt's gambling debts and old school-mate's desire to propose marriage. How far will Bertie sink them all in the soup? Will Jeeves come to the rescue? "Right Ho, Jeeves" features of course Bertie and Jeeves as well as Gussie Fink-Nottle, Tuppie Glossop, Aunt Dahlia and Anatole the high-strung French chef in this P.G. Wodehouse farce of England's upper crust. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (7 hr 56 min)


Chapter 01 24:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 02 16:06 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 03 7:23 Read by Mark Nelson
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Chapter 23 22:00 Read by Mark Nelson


Such fun

(4 stars)

I'm a great lover of PG Wodehouse and try to listen to everything I can on LibriVox. I had seen this one played out on PBS Jeeves and Wooster series on TV, but listening carefully to the wonderful word play that wodehouse is so talented at, made this very much fun. It does get a bit slow in the middle with the relationship debacles, and I wished it would have progressed a bit faster there, but the end is so wonderful, and Jeeves such a wonderful guy. And what can you say about the wonderful Mark Nelson who does such an amazing job as a reader to bring the story to life.

(5 stars)

I love Wodehouse, his use of English is brilliant and this audio version is very well read. Great stuff.

(5 stars)

This is a review of both the text and of Mark Nelson’s recording of the text. For me, what makes Wodehouse worth reading is the playful, brilliant way he put words together and created multi-dimensional characters who, in lesser hands, would be simple caricatures or cartoons. Wodehouse is a delight to read—and thanks to Mark Nelson, to listen to, as well. I have listened to a few other LibriVox recording with very good to excellent readers, but I think Mark Nelson’s interpretive reading of the Wooster and Jeeves stories is a cut above. He reads these stories as if he is channeling Wodehouse. At the same time, he gets out of the way of the stories and allows the writing to shine.

Jeeves comes through again.

(4 stars)

The personalities we meet in “Right Ho, Jeeves” are a magnified mix of all the character flaws we meet in our own friends, family, and selves, stirred up into grand mix-ups and misunderstandings that Jeeves alone, the perfect valet, can sort out and soothe. His employer, young Bertie, tends to annoy him with at least one piece of clothing in every book that Jeeves scorns, and politely tells him, “I think not.” But Bertie hangs onto it until the bitter end, when Jeeves manages to bring everything into harmony, and so Bertie feels he must let him burn it in gratitude for his wisdom.

Wodehouse at his best

(4 stars)

Bally brilliant! A hilarious plot, hapless and completely unique characters, a simply incredible reader, and, of course, the helpful and calmingly precise Jeeves! This is my favorite Wodehouse book yet, and I will definitely be looking for more by the same reader. He has a peerless British accent, and is able to give unique and individual voices to each character without sounding silly. I love the British slang and little quirks that distinguish Wodehouse's writing. At times it was so funny I had to stop what I was doing to laugh! A five star book for sure!


(5 stars)

Maybe it is because it is a full Jeeves book, or the clever and often hilarious use of language, or just that for once, refreshingly, we have a book where the starring character is not the one involved in romance - I do not know. I just know that it's my favorite book and this despite the fact that the words "n****r minstrel" were uses and I am black. For some reason, it did not offend. Maybe because one just has to accept that the book is a product of the time it was written in.

Fun and funny

(5 stars)

I quite like Woodhouse’s short stories because they are so lively, quick and easy to absorb. Nevertheless, it was fascinating to spend more time with his characters and to enjoy the intricacies of a longer plot. The reading was amazing as per usual when it comes to this reader. He has unique voices for every character and seems to understand Bertie to the point where each sentence of the narration has an appropriate attitude. Very fun experience throughout!


(5 stars)

At first I thought I would prefer a person with a British accent to read this book but Mark Nelson did a great job after all! I found myself laughing throughout the book at absurd, dry and sometimes subtle humor. I am now a fan of Jeeves and Bertie. I will be looking for more books about these two characters.