Miss Billy's Decision

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 219 reviews)

When Miss Billy closed, Miss Billy and Bertram were happily engaged. In this first sequel to Miss Billy will the path to wedded bliss run smooth or will misunderstandings and heartache cross their path? Find out in Miss Billy’s Decision! (Summary by Maria Therese) (7 hr 10 min)


Calderwell Does Some Talking 19:22 Read by Phil Chenevert
Aunt Hannah Gets a Letter 13:09 Read by Phil Chenevert
Billy and Bertram 13:18 Read by Phil Chenevert
For Mary Jane 7:21 Read by Cate Barratt
Marie Speaks Her mind 8:20 Read by Cate Barratt
At the Sign of the Pink 16:01 Read by Cate Barratt
Old Friends and New 12:01 Read by Cate Barratt
M.J. Opens the Game 16:33 Read by Cate Barratt
A Rug, a Picture, and a Girl Afraid 26:46 Read by Cate Barratt
A Job for Pete - and for Bertram 20:48 Read by Cate Barratt
A Clock and Aunt Hannah 10:12 Read by Cate Barratt
Sister Kate 12:03 Read by Cate Barratt
Cyril and a Wedding 15:56 Read by Cate Barratt
M.J. Makes Another Move 15:19 Read by Cate Barratt
"Mr. Billy" and "Miss Mary Jane" 9:14 Read by Cate Barratt
A Girl and a Bit of Lowestoft 15:30 Read by MissRose
Only a Love Song, But - 7:56 Read by Phil Chenevert
Sugarplums 10:22 Read by Phil Chenevert
Alice Greggory 20:29 Read by Phil Chenevert
Arkwright Tells a Story 9:50 Read by Phil Chenevert
A Matter of Straight Business 13:55 Read by sunshyne
Plans and Plotting 17:46 Read by Kymm Zuckert
The Cause and Bertram 11:24 Read by Kymm Zuckert
The Artist and His Art 6:25 Read by Cate Barratt
The Operetta 10:06 Read by Kalynda
Arkwright Tells Another Story 15:04 Read by Cate Barratt
The Thing That Was the Truth 12:31 Read by Cate Barratt
Billy Takes Her Turn 8:08 Read by Cate Barratt
Kate Writes a Letter 10:11 Read by Kalynda
"I've Hindered Him" 12:40 Read by BookAngel7
Flight 14:42 Read by BookAngel7
Pete to the Rescue 5:41 Read by BookAngel7
Bertram Takes the Reins 11:36 Read by BookAngel7



(5 stars)

The characters in this book you just have to love them. My favorites are Kate and Aunt Hanna. Kate putting her nose in everything, bossing, and putting her foot in her mouth 🤣. Her daughter Little Kate is the best so adorably hilarious. Aunt Hanna and her "Oh my grief and conscious!" lol. From now on I will use this sentence 🤣. This book series has a good story and lovable characters you will really enjoy it.

Love Miss Billy!!

(5 stars)

Great story and great readers!! Well done, Libravox volunteers! 👏🏼👏🏼I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, now on to the third! 😄 Beautiful, simple story with lovely old-fashioned values and morals, for this crazy 2021 we’re living in now...

(3 stars)

Great reader! I know with out all the misunderstandings and false leads there wouldn't be a story, But it bugs me no end that Billy is so easily persuaded and won't just go get the truth from the horse mouth.

(5 stars)

The storyline moves slowly. It is a good listen while you are doing other things as it is easy to follow. This is the second book in a series of 3.


(5 stars)

I find Mrs Eleanor H. Porter’s books very interesting, never a dull moment. Thanks to all the volunteers readers of this book. You did a very good job. Well done.

(3 stars)

The book itself is a bit more melodramatic than my taste. But the worst of all was the number of readers, I losr count of them. It was a bit distracting.

Miss Billy‘s Decision

(5 stars)

A little slow, but a good book to listen to to escape the stress of life. There are three in the series I have enjoyed them all!

Fun Sequel & Prequel

(5 stars)

Cate Barratt did a marvelous job in her reading. Story was fun srquel...and ended before I was ready for it to stop.