The Bridge of History Over the Gulf of Time: A Popular View of the Historical E…

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Written by the former skeptic, poet, and scholar, Thomas Cooper, The Bridge of History Over the Gulf of Time admirably sets forth a winsome defense of Christianity. Written as the substance of fourteen years of lectures, at the request of his hearers, Cooper leads his reader across the bridge of history, through the centuries, tracing Christianity. At last, he addresses "Leben Jesu" by Dr. David Friedrich Strauss, discusses the historicity of the four Gospels, and offers some concluding evidences for the truth of Christianity. (Introduction by tzieger) (3 hr 57 min)


00 - Preface 3:13 Read by tzieger
01 - Introduction 7:28 Read by tzieger
02 - I. The Arch of Science 3:09 Read by tzieger
03 - II. The Arch of Oliver Cromwell 3:05 Read by tzieger
04 - III. The Arch of the French Revolution 3:25 Read by tzieger
05 - IV. The Arch of Martin Luther 8:27 Read by tzieger
06 - V. The Arch of the Invention of Printing 3:21 Read by tzieger
07 - VI. The Arch of John Wyckliffe 4:44 Read by tzieger
08 - VII. The Arch of Magna Charta 8:30 Read by tzieger
09 - VIII. The Arch of the Crusades 4:57 Read by tzieger
10 - IX. Arch of William the Conqueror 5:47 Read by tzieger
11 - X. The Arch of Darkness 7:21 Read by tzieger
12 - XI. The Arch of King Alfred 5:07 Read by tzieger
13 - XII. The Arch of Charlemagne 4:14 Read by tzieger
14 - XIII. The Arch of Mohammed 8:19 Read by tzieger
15 - XIV. The Arch of Augustine 4:41 Read by tzieger
16 - XV. The Arch of Earthquake 3:37 Read by tzieger
17 - XVI. The Arch of Constantine the Great 11:53 Read by tzieger
18 - XVII. The Arch of Persecution 4:12 Read by Brett W. Downey
19 - XVIII. and XIX. The Arch of The Fathers; The Arch of The Apostles 6:20 Read by Brett W. Downey
20 - XX. "Leben Jesu": Dr. David Friedrich Strauss 21:56 Read by Brett W. Downey
21 - XXI. Matthew's Gospel 8:49 Read by Brett W. Downey
22 - XXII. Mark's Gospel 30:06 Read by Brett W. Downey
23 - XXIII. Luke's Gospel 16:46 Read by Brett W. Downey
24 - XXIV. John's Gospel 10:29 Read by Brett W. Downey
25 - XXV. The Concluding Evidences 37:42 Read by Brett W. Downey