Stalky & Co. (More Stories)

Read by Tim Bulkeley (1948-2019)

(4.4 stars; 12 reviews)

This small collection puts together stories by Kipling that feature the characters from Stalky & Co. but which for some reason were not included in the book Stalky & Co. Of these the more interesting is the first, "Stalky", which introduces the characters and is full of the humour and understanding of adolescent males and their timeless jostling with adult powers that characterise the stories in Stalky & Co. "Stalky" was the first of the tales to be written, and was published in 1898, so it is difficult to understand how it came to be omitted from the book in 1899.
"Regulus", while also full of humour, is a more difficult read in an age when a "proper" classical education is no longer something widely experienced.

There are also other stories that cannot be included here because they are still in copyright:
- "The United Idolators" and "The Propagation of Knowledge" in Debits and Credits (1926)
- "The Satisfaction of a Gentleman" in The Complete Stalky & Co (1929).

There is also another, "Scylla and Charybdis", unpublished in Kipling's day and only made available recently, that although not copyright in the USA, cannot be included because we do not have access to the manuscript, only an edited edition (which itself is subject to copyright).

If you enjoyed Stalky & Co you will probably enjoy these additional stories.(Introduction by Tim Bulkeley) (1 hr 33 min)


Stalky 39:38 Read by Tim Bulkeley (1948-2019)
Regulus 53:37 Read by Tim Bulkeley (1948-2019)


Beautifully writen and entertaining

(5 stars)

My mother read us Stalky and Co when we were children so I was delighted to learn that there were more of these witty stories. Having suffered through many years of Latin and Greek, I especially appreciated the true to life portrayal of Latin class. I tried all the same tricks the boys in the story did during translation exercises but am sure my teachers knew all along. Wonderful reading and much appreciated. Will play mother.

(3.5 stars)

I very much enjoy both Kiplings prose and Tim Bulkley's presentation, but foe some reason very strange pauses plague this rendition. I'm not sure why. Still it is very much worth a listen showing the masters in the "col" of Stalky in a slightly new light.

(5 stars)

Great read! Entertaining glimpse into public British schooling ; 2nd story will tax your Latin knowledge... Thanks!