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Every status-quo-caste society in history has left open two roads to rise above your caste: The Priest and The Warrior. But in a society of TV and tranquilizers--the Warrior acquires a strange new meaning... (Introduction from the Gutenberg text) (2 hr 32 min)


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Interesting story

(4 stars)

I could see the author thinking that people were heading in this direction, and it would seem he isn't too far off from how things are today. :-) Joseph Mowser started out as a member of the lower caste. He is not satisfied with this, and decides to rise above it. But how do you rise above your caste when your entire society is based on tranq's, television, and wars? Simple, become a war hero. Oh but there's a catch... but I won't spoil the story for you. The story is short, but interesting. Mark Nelson is always a fine reader. Overall, this is a story worth listening to. Enjoy!


(4 stars)

Very well read. On its face the story is quite dated. Beneath, however, is a familiar theme. Don't think so highly of yourself that you are totally dismissive of those you feel beneath you. They just may have the key to your future.

great story

(5 stars)

great story well read. a shame it stops so quickly, would have love to follow the characters and society a bit more! Brilliant idea of a status-quo society living in the cold war... with some hints of what can become

Chillingly prescient

(5 stars)

The future predicted in this work is more accurate than those predicted by Welles or Huxley. Just substitute pro sports in for (literal) corporate warfare. I only wish this was a longer work as this plot's world is grown from fertile creative soil.

Bravo from Borneo

(4 stars)

Really enjoyed this short book and the underlying premise for the story. Mack Reynolds creates an interesting social structure and an intriguing way for corporations to settle disputes between themselves. As always, Mark Nelson brings the book to life.

Great short story, very unique.

(5 stars)

This is the first story that I've listened to from this author, for a "short" it was very entertaining and creative in its storyline, and of course the reader, Mark Nelson, is one of the best.

(4.5 stars)

Fantastic speculative fiction, perfectly read (as ever) by Mark Nelson. Greater length would have been more enjoyable, but the story didn't suffer from the conciseness.


(3 stars)

A good story I liked it. ended to soon for me only 3 stars from me But. each to there own v-well read Thanks