Letters to a Daughter and A Little Sermon to School Girls

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Helen Ekin Starrett, journalist, mother of two daughters, grandmother of seven granddaughters and teacher to many young girls at the Starrett School for Girls offers lessons in life and religion to girls about to "pass out from the guardianship of home into life with its duties and trials". (Summary by Bianca Kramer, quote from Letter I of this book) (2 hr 25 min)


01 - Letter I Behavior and Manners 13:53 Read by Jill Preston
02 - Letter II Self-Control and Self-Culture 13:02 Read by Ana
03 - Letter III Aims in Life 8:07 Read by Jill Preston
04 - Letter IV Personal Habits 14:44 Read by Jill Preston
05 - Letter V Society - Conversation 15:57 Read by Beverly Scott
06 - Letter VI Associates and Friends 13:54 Read by Jill Preston
07 - Letter VII Tact - Unobtrusiveness 12:42 Read by Jill Preston
08 - Letter VIII Who are the Cultivated? 6:17 Read by Kalynda
09 - Letter IX - Religious Culture and Duty 13:59 Read by Jill Preston
10 - A Little Sermon to School Girls 32:43 Read by Beverly Scott



(3 stars)

Although some values included in the letters are now outdated, others are still relevant nowadays. I have been inspired by this work to become more well mannered. It is interesting to have a peek at a lady’s lifestyle in those centuries long, long ago.