Make Mine Homogenized

Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)

(4.4 stars; 30 reviews)

Widowed cattle rancher Hetty Thompson had done all right for herself since Big Jim’s death. She had Barney, a loyal if dim-witted ranch hand, and Johnny her assistant manager whom she rescued from a drunken father years before. When the government carves out a huge piece of Frenchman’s Flat for an atomic testing ground Hetty and her neighbors object, but the military fences in the range anyway. It wasn’t so bad for a while. Then Hetty’s chickens began laying golden eggs, and her prize Guernsey produced explosive milk. Nevada ranch folk are tough but are they ready for mutant livestock? (Summary by Gregg Margarite) (1 hr 50 min)


Section 1 52:48 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)
Section 2 57:50 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)



(2 stars)

The last few seconds of both parts are not in the recording. I still enjoyed the story but I would really like to know what the last sentence is.

Good, but...

(3 stars)

Fun story, but the audio gets cut off mid sentence in a few places, and at the very end. I still wonder how it ends.

(5 stars)

Enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Well written, well read. Definitely worth a listen for old time sci-fi buffs.

short, pleasant read

(4 stars)

Humorous and fun. Well narrated by Greg Marguerite (RIP). Recommended for a short, pleasant read.

Funny story

(5 stars)

Humorous, it's NOT an anti-nuke message. I wish it would've been 4x longer. Plain good entertainment.

Grateful for the Great Read!

(2.5 stars)

But was missing the very end of the story.

(4 stars)

good fun short story well read