The Dawn of a To-morrow

Read by Linda Andrus

(4.4 stars; 94 reviews)

A wealthy London business man takes a room in a poor part of the city. He is depressed and has decided to take his life by going the next day to purchase a hand gun he had seen in a pawnshop window. The morning comes with one of those 'memorable fogs' and the adventure he has in it alters his decisions and ultimately his life. (Summary by Linda Andrus) (2 hr 3 min)


I 18:48 Read by Linda Andrus
II Part A 24:48 Read by Linda Andrus
II Part B 9:36 Read by Linda Andrus
III Part A 15:57 Read by Linda Andrus
III Part B 19:14 Read by Linda Andrus
III Part C 14:11 Read by Linda Andrus
IV 20:42 Read by Linda Andrus


success story

(5 stars)

Depression is a terrible thing... A lot of visuals regarding the toxic fog… The answer from God, to a derelict, street urchins, a thief and a very wealthy man… all met in a way they could know, actually know his existence, help and hope. A clearing away of the fog of unbelief.

Weird, even as a Christian.

(2 stars)

Nah not my sort of book. The seed of the story could have developed into a great story but its a disaster imo. It's an attempt at showing how God is in life everywhere, which is true enough. However God does not share a "magic" such as suggested of 'say the word and it will happen'. That's not Scriptural. I didn't like the reading either. Not fluid and lots of sentences halved and finished as though there was a full stop in the middle.

Not my cup of tea

(2 stars)

Story started out good, then turned into a religious sermon and the story line was lost in it. I think others might like it but I did not, it was not really a story to me. Reader was excellent, she does a nice job with voices, I just didn't like the story.


(1 stars)

The story sounds like it would be good but it is so hard to follow from the reading. words are often repeated in a strange way and pausing in the middle of sentences. she does a good job with voices, but it's a tough listen.

Very Good

(5 stars)

It had a great message👍Allah doesn't bring the negative only you do. Also that if you always be positive, be kind, and ask Allah for help everything will eventually turn out okay.

(4.5 stars)

Short, but good. Leaves one wanting to hear more. GOD works differently with different people. He made this Earth for us. It is easy to get discouraged and we need to uplift others.

(4.5 stars)

A wonderful little story which perfectly sets forth Burnett's philosophy. Definitely a must read for any person interested in understanding the author. The reading has some awkwardness, but is always understandable and clear.

(3.5 stars)

The girl, Gladys is a favorite. Thank you to the reader. Good job.