Bulldog Drummond

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(4.4 stars; 32 reviews)

‘Sapper’, the pseudonym of Colonel. H.C. McNeile M.C. was one of the most popular English writers of thrillers between the two world wars. And Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond was his most popular leading character. This book, the first of the series, is of its time. Opinions are expressed which would not pass muster today and the books are strongly laced with jingoism, racial stereotypes and hostile references to foreigners. Naturally all the villains are masters of disguise and invariably put off murdering the hero until later whist they think of something absolutely beastly. Nevertheless the story is a good one and well told. (Summary by AJM) (8 hr 55 min)


A classic that stands the test of time.

(5 stars)

I am not a fan of alternating narrators, and a few are monotonous, but the prose helps mask it.

(3.5 stars)

good good storyline. the initial readers a wonderful but then it drops off quite a bit

(5 stars)

a forerunner of James Bond - great story well narrated