Married Love

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"Married Love" is one of the most famous 'sex education' manuals. First published in 1918, it sold tens of thousands of copies, and was one of the first publications to openly discuss issues such as variations in male and female sexual desire in a form which could be easily read and understood by the ordinary reader. This is the 6th, revised and expanded, edition, from 1919. The main text is mostly unchanged. An appendix has been added with some extra information on subjects such as sex during pregnancy. (Summary by (3 hr 57 min)


Preface by Dr. Jessie Murray/Letter from Professor Starling 7:42 Read by David Lawrence
Author's Preface/Letter from Father St. John and Reply 12:44 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 1, The Heart's Desire 11:06 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 2, The Broken Joy 13:19 Read by Esther
Chapter 3, Woman's "Contrariness" 21:19 Read by Kalynda
Chapter 4, The Fundamental Pulse 18:32 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 5, Mutual Adjustment 35:18 Read by Grant Hurlock
Chapter 6, Sleep 22:27 Read by Brendan Stallard
Chapter 7, Modesty and Romance 12:01 Read by Esther
Chapter 8, Abstinence 9:25 Read by Neeru Iyer
Chapter 9, Children 24:15 Read by Arielle Lipshaw
Chapter 10, Society 23:22 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 11, The Glorious Unfolding 10:57 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Additions to Sixth Edition 15:12 Read by Arielle Lipshaw


Very interesting listen.

(5 stars)

A lot of very useful information even though it may be a bit dated.

Great readers. some of the information is so old that it's funny

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Easy to understand and listen . Reader has beautiful voice too :)

(4 stars)

Different readers was jarring but individually all were good.