A Modern Utopia

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(3.7 stars; 27 reviews)

H. G. Wells's proposal for social reform was the formation of a world state, a concept that would increasingly preoccupy him throughout the remainder of his life. One of his most ambitious early attempts at portraying a world state was A Modern Utopia (1905). A Modern Utopia was intended as a hybrid between fiction and 'philosophical discussion'. Like most utopists, he has indicated a series of modifications which in his opinion would increase the aggregate of human happiness. Basically, Wells' idea of a perfect world would be if everyone were able to live a happy life. This book is written with an intimate knowledge of former ideal commonwealths and is a conscious attempt to describe a utopia that is not utopian. (Summary by Wikipedia) (10 hr 11 min)


Distorted reading

(2 stars)

I'm finding it hard to even get past chapter 1. The reading sounds so distorted in places that it's difficult to understand and listen to. I thought the book coordinators are supposed to just reject readings that are unclear. Hopefully the rest of the book is better.

sounds good so far

(5 stars)

I like the reader. I don't agree with Wells' Anointed vision but it is insightful.