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Dawn (also known in England as "Keith’s Dark Tower"), was published in 1919, and is set during World War I. Keith Burton is going blind. It is hard for him and his family. Most of the book deals with their ways - right and wrong - of dealing with the situation. At the end, Keith finds pride in helping blind solders.

Eleanor H. Porter was a writer of many popular children’s books and novels, including the Pollyanna and Miss Billy series, as well as Just David, Oh, Money! Money! and more. (Summary by Stav Nisser and Maria Therese) (8 hr 20 min)


01 - The Great Terror 16:27 Read by alwpoe
02 - Dad 16:58 Read by alwpoe
03 - For Jerry and Ned 9:46 Read by ESFJ Girl
04 - School 16:19 Read by ashleighjane
05 - Waiting 10:39 Read by ashleighjane
06 - Lights Out 12:20 Read by Phil Chenevert
07 - Susan to the Rescue 20:05 Read by cklee
08 - Aunt Nettie Meets Her Match 20:08 Read by sbburke
09 - Susan Speaks Her Mind 9:57 Read by sbburke
10 - And Nettie Colebrook Speaks Hers 18:51 Read by sbburke
11 - Not Pats But Scratches 12:33 Read by sbburke
12 - Callers for "Keithie" 14:32 Read by sbburke
13 - Free Verse - A La Suan 9:39 Read by sbburke
14 - A Surprise All Around 17:56 Read by Sunni West
15 - Again Susan Takes a Hand 17:45 Read by Sunni West
16 - The Worry of It 15:28 Read by Sunni West
17 - Daniel Burton Takes the Plunge 12:24 Read by Sunni West
18 - "Miss Stewart" 14:32 Read by Sunni West
19 - A Matter of Letters 9:20 Read by Sunni West
20 - With Chin Up 12:42 Read by Sunni West
21 - The Lion 12:12 Read by Sunni West
22 - How Could You, Mazie? 16:39 Read by Sunni West
23 - John McGuire 22:26 Read by Sunni West
24 - As Susan Saw It 11:16 Read by Sunni West
25 - Keith to the Rescue 20:49 Read by Sunni West
26 - Mazie Again 19:41 Read by Sunni West
27 - For the Sake of John 11:46 Read by Sunni West
28 - The Way 13:13 Read by Sunni West
29 - Dorothy Tries Her Hand 17:25 Read by Sunni West
30 - Daniel Burton's "Job" 13:04 Read by Sunni West
31 - What Susan Did Not See 14:16 Read by Sunni West
32 - The Key 11:03 Read by Sunni West
33 - And All On Account of Susan 28:07 Read by Sunni West


(5 stars)

Sunni West is an awesome reader!!

Wonderful Book!

(5 stars)

Oh how I enjoyed this book! I have heard of Eleanor H. Porter because of her Pollyanna book but had never realized that she might have written more until I discovered LibriVox! Thank you so much for the wonderful stories! I enjoy hearing them so much!!!


(4.5 stars)

this is a very clever story and with the humor of the housekeepers personality the author weaves the reality of what a challenging journey people have after becoming blind.great reader, thanku.

Excellent Readers

(4 stars)

3 very good readers! The story itself had nice touches but wasn't my favourite, but readers did a great job bringing it to life

Dawn written by a good author & has good readers reading & a

(5 stars)

Excelent book. Good encouragement to someone going through hard experiences.

Beautiful readers & story

(5 stars)

Flowing story line. What a mix of characters. A story that could be written in the 2000's.

what an easy listen

(4.5 stars)

Great readers make the book such an easy listen. Enjoyed it very much.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the story very much. Good characterization and excellent readers.