Five Children and It (Version 2)

Read by Jenny Lundak

(4.7 stars; 108 reviews)

This delightful novel begins when a family of five children moves from London to the English countryside. While playing in a gravel pit soon after the move, they discover an ancient and rather grumpy sand-fairy known as the Psammead, who agrees to grant one wish of theirs per day. The children’s wishes send them on adventure after adventure, but rarely turn out as expected. (Summary by Kara) (6 hr 17 min)


01 - Beautiful as the Day 43:04 Read by Jenny Lundak
02 - Golden Guineas 39:21 Read by Jenny Lundak
03 - Being Wanted 44:05 Read by Jenny Lundak
04 - Wings 40:10 Read by Jenny Lundak
05 - No Wings 21:12 Read by Jenny Lundak
06 - A Castle and No Dinner 30:49 Read by Jenny Lundak
07 - A Siege and Bed 24:08 Read by Jenny Lundak
08 - Bigger Than the Baker's Boy 41:43 Read by Jenny Lundak
09 - Grown Up 30:00 Read by Jenny Lundak
10 - Scalps 31:38 Read by Jenny Lundak
11 - The Last Wish 31:28 Read by Jenny Lundak


Another Nesbit Winner

(5 stars)

Thanks, Grandma Jenny, for a great reading of an imaginative and wonderful book. Those who enjoyed it should go listen to its sequel, The Phoenix and the Carpet! Plus all of Edith Nesbit's childrens' books. Some are fantasy, some are realistic, all are wonderful!

A favourite story

(4.5 stars)

My kids and I love the Psamiad and Children in this story. The charm of the period combined with the fancy of their unwelcome adventures makes for captivating listening.

interesting sweet story with great reader!

(5 stars)

one of my favorites to listen to on libravox so far. great narrator and cute interesting story for all ages. listened to this book every night while falling asleep and liked forward to it each night!


(5 stars)

I like this book because I do, and it's none of your business why.

Thankyou so much

(5 stars)

Having someone read to us, both my little girl and I, ( my child has special needs) is calming and helps her enjoy quality literature and has encouraged her greatly to read herself. I have RA and my eyes aren't always the best at night.

Grandma Jenny did a very nice job

(4 stars)

Oh lord. The times, they are a changin'. Cute story, but historical euphemisms make it so I don't think I want to read it aloud to children anytime soon


(5 stars)

such a good book its one of those books that you don't. mind how many times you listen to it also beautifully read too!

Excellent reader

(4 stars)

Grandma Jenny is an excellent reader. The story is good for something written long ago. Enjoyed listening but wouldn't want to read it.