The Seven Secrets

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.3 stars; 298 reviews)

A true “whodunit” with as many twists and turns as an English country road. Old man Courtenay is found murdered in his bed. Dr. Ralph Boyd is summoned to Courtenay Manor to examine the slain man and discovers a clue that might solve the case. But, he decides to keep the clue private for personal reasons. In the meantime, Scotland Yard has no clues as the culprits or the motive. Dr. Boyd, because of his new found clue, is sure he knows who is the murderer. Or, is it a murderess? His intimate acquaintance, Ambler Jevons, is also investigating the crime but Dr. Boyd does not share his discoveries with him. Sure of his findings, a bizarre midnight encounter turns all Boyd's judgments upside down and the case becomes more peculiar than when it started. What are the seven secrets needed to decode this murder, or is it a conspiracy? One needs to listen to the end to discover the truth. (Summary by Tom Weiss) (7 hr 45 min)


01 - Introduces Ambler Jevons 9:51 Read by Tom Weiss
02 - A Very Ugly Secret 7:12 Read by Tom Weiss
03 - The Courtenays 11:07 Read by Tom Weiss
04 - A Night Call 8:02 Read by Tom Weiss
05 - Discloses A Mystery 13:14 Read by Tom Weiss
06 - In Which I Make A Discovery 15:17 Read by Tom Weiss
07 - The Man Short And His Story 16:02 Read by Tom Weiss
08 - Ambler Jevons Is Inquisitive 15:52 Read by Tom Weiss
09 - Shadows 16:04 Read by Tom Weiss
10 - Which Puzzles The Doctors 15:28 Read by Tom Weiss
11 - Concerns My Private Affairs 17:48 Read by Tom Weiss
12 - I Receive A Visitor 14:33 Read by Tom Weiss
13 - My Love 14:55 Read by Tom Weiss
14 - Is Distinctly Curious 17:13 Read by Tom Weiss
15 - I Am Called For Consultation 17:36 Read by Tom Weiss
16 - Reveals An Astounding Fact 18:56 Read by Tom Weiss
17 - Discusses Several Matters 17:16 Read by Tom Weiss
18 - Words Of The Dead 15:07 Read by Tom Weiss
19 - Jevons Grows Mysterious 18:03 Read by Tom Weiss
20 - My New Patient 13:40 Read by Tom Weiss
21 - Woman's Wiles 17:08 Read by Tom Weiss
22 - A Message 15:29 Read by Tom Weiss
23 - The Mystery of Mary 14:39 Read by Tom Weiss
24 - Ethelwynn Is Silent 18:45 Read by Tom Weiss
25 - Forms A Bewildering Enigma 10:55 Read by Tom Weiss
26 - Ambler Jevons Is Busy 26:38 Read by Tom Weiss
27 - Mr. Lane's Romance 9:52 Read by Tom Weiss
28 - Poor Mrs. Courtenay 12:34 Read by Tom Weiss
29 - The Police Are At Fault 11:15 Read by Tom Weiss
30 - Sir Bernard's Decision 11:57 Read by Tom Weiss
31 - Contains The Plain Truth 22:42 Read by Tom Weiss


I like this author

(5 stars)

William LeQueux is becoming a new favorite of mine. A man is murdered, and the police are baffled. But when the good Doctor discovers a clue that someone close to him might be the killer, he decides that to save that person, he must find out who the real killer is while throwing Scotland Yard off the scent. Trouble is, his good friend Ambler is also on the case, and Ambler is not so easily fooled. There is a bit of far-fetchedness to this tale, but its still fun listening. Tom W does his usual fine job. Enjoy!

Bravo from Borneo

(4 stars)

As an avid fan of WLQ, I enjoyed this murder mystery of his. The cast of characters is perhaps not as wide as in other novels, but they are nevertheless well developed and engaging. The plot line twists and turns and there are several surprises to throw the 'listener' off the scent; I was left guessing until the final chapter's reveal. Chapeau to Tom Weiss, who narrates the story with his accustomed skill and ability, which truly brought the characters to life. Now, on to the next book.


(3 stars)

I really got into enjoying this book in the beginning and realized that Boyd's friend had something to do with the seven secrets other than just being detective. Being a doctor sure helped. Having this suspicion made the book too drawn out and it lost that fervor to keep reading until the end pleasure. I plodded through it because there was one mystery for me and that was to see if His girl was innocent and not involved in the plot. The reader did a good job, thankyou.

Very mysterious, but with a ridiculous denouement

(3 stars)

Boy, was I burning with curiosity to find what solutions could possibly resolve all the "seven secrets." I suspect the author also was up until he wrote that end of the book. From implausible to goofy, the solutions were unsatisfying to me. Darn! Fair writing until then. Very nicely read.

Pure Enjoyment

(4 stars)

Most entertaining, especially if you’re not one to get bogged down expecting fiction to follow reality. I enjoy the older mysteries for the vivid imagination of their authors. If you expect accuracy in details you may be frustrated, otherwise it’s good book, with an exceptional, professional quality reader!

The Seven Secrets

(4 stars)

Well read, an absorbing whodunnit with a glimpse to an earlier time when horses and trains were the means of transport. With a glimpse of upper and lower society in and around London. Much focus on dialogue, conjecture without any obvious clues until the very end... Recommended

good story, okay audio

(4 stars)

The story definitely keeps you guessing and was a complete surprise to me when the mystery was revealed. The audio left something to be desired. once you get into the story you kind forget that it sounds so robotic though. Still worth the listen.

A lot going on

(4 stars)

The story was quite good, although it seemed too drawn out. Eventually, it became hard to stop listening as it neared the end. I'm glad I listened. Tom Weiss is a great narrator, and I always enjoy listening to him.