Mary Marston

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(4.5 stars; 107 reviews)

Written at the height of George MacDonald's literary career, the story centers around the life of a simple merchant's daughter. Mary Marston's unswerving commitment to love, God, and others is contrasted with a backdrop of an array of characters and a complex and sometimes mysterious plot. It is a story of a woman who loves a man, and teaches him to change. Not out of his love for her, but simply because it was the right thing to do. MacDonald allows the characters a range from delightful to devious. As such, they were intended to serve as models. His message is that all eventually must stand before God. (Summary text from Wikipedia)

This project was proof listened by Stav Nisser and Phil Chenevert. (17 hr 30 min)


01 - The Shop 21:00 Read by Marea Brook
02 - Customers 20:04 Read by bobolink
03 - The Arbor at Thornwick 27:08 Read by bobolink
04 - Godfrey Wardour 11:07 Read by bobolink
05 - Godfrey and Letty 22:54 Read by Jean Bascom
06 - Tom Helmer 5:44 Read by Jean Bascom
07 - Durnmelling 25:42 Read by TriciaG
08 - The Oak 16:31 Read by TriciaG
09 - Confusion 20:07 Read by TriciaG
10 - The Heath and the Hut 31:16 Read by Jean Bascom
11 - William Marston 21:41 Read by Jean Bascom
12 - Mary's Dream 12:05 Read by Jean Bascom
13 - The Human Sacrifice 34:41 Read by Bill Boerst
14 - Ungenerous Benevolence 12:41 Read by bobolink
15 - The Moonlight 16:34 Read by Nicholette Bryant
16 - The Morning 22:46 Read by bobolink
17 - The Result 13:48 Read by bobolink
18 - Mary and Godfrey 14:37 Read by Marea Brook
19 - Mary in the Shop 23:20 Read by Tiffany Halla Colonna
20 - The Wedding Dress 28:54 Read by Wendy Almeida
21 - Mr. Redmain 14:51 Read by Marea Brook
22 - Mrs. Redmain 8:40 Read by Marea Brook
23 - The Menial 26:21 Read by Marea Brook
24 - Mrs. Redmain's Drawing-Room 21:33 Read by Marea Brook
25 - Mary's Reception 19:32 Read by Amanda Friday
26 - Her Position 13:04 Read by Amanda Friday
27 - Mr. and Mrs. Helmer 23:46 Read by MaryAnn
28 - Mary and Letty 12:33 Read by Amanda Friday
29 - The Evening Star 17:37 Read by MaryAnn
30 - A Scolding 9:39 Read by MaryAnn
31 - Sepia 17:50 Read by MaryAnn
32 - Honor 13:21 Read by MaryAnn
33 - The Invitation 16:36 Read by MaryAnn
34 - A Stray Sound 12:37 Read by Rhonda Federman
35 - The Musician 18:19 Read by Rhonda Federman
36 - A Change 9:11 Read by Rhonda Federman
37 - Lydgate Street 12:50 Read by Marea Brook
38 - Godfrey and Letty 12:42 Read by Marea Brook
39 - Relief 9:03 Read by Marea Brook
40 - Godfrey and Sepia 14:03 Read by Marea Brook
41 - The Helper 20:39 Read by Tiffany Halla Colonna
42 - The Leper 7:02 Read by Marea Brook
43 - Mary and Mr. Redmain 36:41 Read by Marea Brook
44 - Joseph Jasper 29:50 Read by Marea Brook
45 - The Sapphire 17:46 Read by Pat Redstone
46 - Reparation 9:12 Read by Pat Redstone
47 - Another Change 13:13 Read by Pat Redstone
48 - Dissolution 13:30 Read by Mike Pelton
49 - Thornwick 33:05 Read by Mike Pelton
50 - William and Mary Marston 12:19 Read by Josh Bascom
51 - A Hard Task 17:42 Read by Mike Pelton
52 - A Summons 27:35 Read by Amanda Friday
53 - A Friend in Need 9:47 Read by DrBeccaAnne
54 - The Next Night 47:14 Read by Marea Brook
55 - Disappearance 12:46 Read by DrBeccaAnne
56 - A Catastrophe 13:04 Read by Michael Packard
57 - The End of the Beginning 22:18 Read by Marea Brook


Deep wells of Wisdom

(5 stars)

This was my first George MacDonald book and I was enthralled, delighted and could hardly stop listening. Even though some of the readers were quite horrendous, as other reviewers stated, if one just pushes through, the book is well worth that small agony. I believe this is a brilliant book with deep, spiritual nuggets.

Pretty good

(3 stars)

Story - Not the best George MacDonald, but worth the time to listen. Especially good if you like Christian themes. Narration - Some of the earlier narrators were a bit hard to get through, but after the first half dozen or so readers I had no real complaints.


(3.5 stars)

I was so excited to listen to this book! the readers were from good to acceptable for the first 6 chapters, but could not continue on past that point, due to very poor ( to the point of distraction) reading.

top notch book. (some) third notch readings

(2.5 stars)

First reviewer said it well. Such lackadaisical reading that you wouldn't notice the glory of the thought. Maybe I should try reading myself.


(5 stars)

I really can't understand saying "this or that is not his best work..." George McDonald's work is so varied and so different it almost doesn't bare comparison. Certainly this epic cannot be held up against The Princess... or Phantasties. In any event, the readers vary in quality, as they always do in a joint effort. I wasn't able to listen in my car because occasionally the audio quality just wasn't there, but with earbuds or my phone's speaker in the house, I could enjoy it. As to the content, this book was awesome. An ever changing plot, diverse and colorful characters, drama and lots of beautiful, rather deep sermonizing about life; not something I usually enjoy - but the freshness and life giving of the thoughts, made them enjoyable. I felt bathed in goodness. A must hear for and George McDonald fan!

Worth Listening

(5 stars)

After reading previous reviews, I was pleasantly surprised at the readers. When choosing free audiobooks, professional reading is not to be expected, but I like to picture family and friends all gathered round, sharing a favorite book with each other in turn. Please be kind to those who put in the work to make this available to listeners. And, other than a few comments coming from MacDonald's belief that Hell is only a temporary arrangement meant to purify even after death, this is a story with much worth enjoying, pondering, and applying.

Chapter 2,3,4

(3 stars)

The first reader was engaging-she made me eager to listen to chapter 2. But what an unpleasant surprise the second reader was! I thought I could read chapter 2 and pick up the audio in chapter 3 so that I wouldn't lose interest. But the same reader reads 3 & 4. Disappointing.

(5 stars)

Lovely story made deeper and more beautiful by Macdonald’s spiritual insight throughout. It took a bit to be comfortable with each chapter being read by a different person, but I came to appreciate the variety.