Jacqueline of Golden River

Read by Roger Melin

(4.2 stars; 52 reviews)

Jacqueline seems to have contracted a touch of amnesia, as she is found in an apartment with a dead man, and with a weapon in her hand. But she remembers nothing of any incident, remembers not her name nor where she comes from, not even why she is where she was found. She only remembers her father, and that he is in danger. Action and adventure soon follow, as Paul Hewlett and Jacqueline attempt to get answers to her questions, taking them on a journey into Quebec and points northward, and Paul knows that they are being followed during their trip. What secrets are both Jacqueline and Paul unaware of? What will they uncover following their northbound journey? Who is Jacqueline?

H. M. Egbert was one of multiple pseudonyms used by author Victor Rousseau Emanuel. (Introduction by Roger Melin) (7 hr 16 min)


01 - A Dog and a Damsel 22:35 Read by Roger Melin
02 - Back in the Room 17:22 Read by Roger Melin
03 - Covering the Tracks 16:38 Read by Roger Melin
04 - Simon Leroux 19:47 Read by Roger Melin
05 - M. Le Curé 23:15 Read by Roger Melin
06 - At the Foot of the Cliff 21:16 Read by Roger Melin
07 - Captain DuBois 17:17 Read by Roger Melin
08 - Dreams of the Night 20:38 Read by Roger Melin
09 - The Fungus 18:54 Read by Roger Melin
10 - Snow Blindness 15:05 Read by Roger Melin
11 - The Chateaux 24:15 Read by Roger Melin
12 - Under the Mountains 10:16 Read by Roger Melin
13 - The Roulette-Wheel 17:38 Read by Roger Melin
14 - Some Plain Speaking 19:01 Read by Roger Melin
15 - Won - and Lost 16:25 Read by Roger Melin
16 - The Old Angel 17:03 Read by Roger Melin
17 - Louis D'Epernay 16:27 Read by Roger Melin
18 - The Little Dagger 14:29 Read by Roger Melin
19 - The Hidden Chamber 17:00 Read by Roger Melin
20 - At Swords' Points 14:02 Read by Roger Melin
21 - The Bait That Lured 17:56 Read by Roger Melin
22 - Surrender 19:34 Read by Roger Melin
23 - Leroux's Diable 15:06 Read by Roger Melin
24 - Full Confession 15:16 Read by Roger Melin
25 - The End of the Chateau 9:17 Read by Roger Melin


Good story, kinda confusing tho

(4 stars)

The summary covers the story line. I got a bit confused with the lacroix, larue, lapew, too many 'la's but it is a good story that kept me listening. I kind of want to listen to it again and make a diagram just to keep the bad guys sorted out. Overall tho it's a good story, and I enjoyed it. Roger M is another of Libravox's best readers, he always does a great job. Enjoy!

Agreeing with previous reviewer

(4 stars)

I agree with the other reviewer that some of the names were a bit confusing. Often times the story seemed a bit convoluted; however, with Roger Melin's excellent narration, you are compelled to keep listening. I sure hope that Jacqueline was worth all the trouble Paul went to for her. Frankly I thought she was annoying. I would give 5 stars to Roger and 4 to the story itself.

one of my favorite narrators

(2 stars)

2019 - Roger marathon listen. This starts out fairly decent and in certain areas it gets exciting but overall, it just drags. The names of characters begin to mush as many have the same sounds.

(4.5 stars)

Good story again, enjoyed listening to it. Great narrative again by Roger.

Good mystery

(4 stars)

Good story with twists and turns you don't see coming

Jacqueline of golden river

(5 stars)

very interesting, ended too soon, excellent reader!!!!