Bible (KJV) NT 21-22: 1,2 Peter

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The First Epistle of Peter, usually referred to simply as First Peter and often written 1 Peter, is a book of the New Testament. The author claims to be Saint Peter the apostle, and the epistle was traditionally held to have been written during his time as bishop of Rome or Bishop of Antioch, though neither title is used in the epistle. The letter is addressed to various churches in Asia Minor suffering religious persecution.

The Second Epistle of Peter, often referred to as Second Peter and written 2 Peter, it is the first New Testament book to treat other New Testament writings as scripture, 2 Peter was one of the last letters included in the New Testament canon; it quotes from and adapts Jude extensively, identifies Jesus with God, and addresses a threatening heresy which had arisen because the end and salvation had not occurred. (0 hr 32 min)


1 - 1 Peter 22:37 Read by Sundiata
2 - 2 Peter 9:55 Read by Michelle Remington


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