The Four Feathers

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(4.3 stars; 62 reviews)

The Four Feathers is a 1902 adventure novel by British writer A.E.W. Mason that has inspired many films of the same title.
The novel tells the story of British officer, Harry Feversham, who resigns his commission in the East Surrey Regiment just prior to Sir Garnet Wolseley's 1882 expedition to Egypt to suppress the rising of Urabi Pasha. He is faced with censure from three of his comrades for cowardice, signified by the delivery of three white feathers to him, from Captain Trench and Lieutenants Castleton and Willoughby, and the loss of the support of his Irish fiancée, Ethne Eustace, who presents him with the fourth feather. His best friend in the regiment, Captain Durrance becomes his rival for Ethne.
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01 - Chapter I. A Crimean Night 23:16 Read by Becky Cook
02 - Chapter II. Captain Trench and a Telegram 17:56 Read by Gary Olman
03 - Chapter III. The Last Ride Together 14:30 Read by David W. Wolfe
04 - Chapter IV. The Ball at Lennon House 29:11 Read by John Prestwich
05 - Chapter V. The Pariah 11:24 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
06 - Chapter VI. Harry Feversham's Plan 21:15 Read by Becky Cook
07 - Chapter VII. The Last Reconnaissance 14:18 Read by Becky Cook
08 - Chapter VIII. Lieutenant Sutch is tempted to lie 13:08 Read by Becky Cook
09 - Chapter IX. At Glenalla 23:04 Read by Gary Olman
10 - Chapter X. The Wells of Obak 12:57 Read by Gary Olman
11 - Chapter XI. Durrance hears News of Feversham 15:45 Read by Gary Olman
12 - Chapter XII. Durrance sharpens his Wits 31:31 Read by David W. Wolfe
13 - Chapter XIII. Durrance begins to see 19:37 Read by David W. Wolfe
14 - Chapter XIV. Captain Willoughby reappears 21:19 Read by Gary Olman
15 - Chapter XV. The Story of the First Feather 26:58 Read by Dan Craig
16 - Chapter XVI. Captain Willoughby retires 21:46 Read by Gary Olman
17 - Chapter XVII. The Musoline Overture 14:51 Read by Gary Olman
18 - Chapter XVIII. The Answer to the Overture 25:28 Read by Gary Olman
19 - Chapter XIX. Mrs. Adair interferes 23:03 Read by Gary Olman
20 - Chapter XX. West and East 18:16 Read by Lewis
21 - Chapter XXI. Ethne makes Another Slip 21:59 Read by Lewis
22 - Chapter XXII. Durrance lets his Cigar go out 20:19 Read by Lewis
23 - Chapter XXIII. Mrs. Adair makes her Apology 22:25 Read by Delysid
24 - Chapter XXIV. On the Nile 13:39 Read by fshort
25 - Chapter XXV. Lieutenant Sutch comes off the Half-pay List 33:25 Read by Patti Cunningham
26 - Chapter XXVI. General Feversham's Portraits are appeased 15:57 Read by Lewis
27 - Chapter XXVII. The House of Stone 34:34 Read by Lewis
28 - Chapter XXVIII. Plans of Escape 25:05 Read by Gary Olman
29 - Chapter XXIX. Colonel Trench assumes a Knowledge of Chemistry 28:03 Read by Gary Olman
30 - Chapter XXX. The Last of the Southern Cross 20:42 Read by Gary Olman
31 - Chapter XXXI. Feversham returns to Ramelton 14:35 Read by Gary Olman
32 - Chapter XXXII. In the Church at Glenalla 15:31 Read by David W. Wolfe
33 - Chapter XXXIII. Ethne again plays the Musoline Overture 13:04 Read by David W. Wolfe
34 - Chapter XXXIV. The End 7:53 Read by MaryAnn


(5 stars)

The book is excellent. The women readers are very good. However most of the men readers are awful.

The book is good but most of the readers are terrible

(4 stars)

I agree with one of the the reviewers who wrote that the male readers are terrible; they mis-pronounce words frequently and don’t even try to do characters during dialogue; they also constantly stumble over phrases like they can’t see the next word in the text, so the overall sound is staccato. The female readers are good and do the characters during dialogue as well as reading smoothly. Unfortunately, most of the chapters are read by men.

interesting tale

(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this tale! It was very well read. Thank you!

(1 stars)

readers were ok. it was the recording that was awful.

The Four Feathers

(5 stars)

Well Read, Fun listen and recommended... Thanks!

I already know how it's going to end and I stopped listening

(1 stars)

Gary olman has super sloppy pronunciation, he makes it very difficult to understand discussions. he pauses bid sentence then runs through periods we need a version two of this book with a good reader

(3.5 stars)

bit of an epic tale to stick with - left with a feeling that it was good in parts and not particularly as a whole - glad to have finished it though


(5 stars)

A powerful story, skillfully woven by a master author. It is a shame that so few of Mason's books are available.