The Case of the Golden Bullet

Read by Dawn Larsen

(4.4 stars; 154 reviews)

Joseph Muller, quiet mannered detective, tries to solve the mystery of a man who died in his study, by a bullet hole in the chest. But all windows and doors were locked, from the inside. (summary by Dawn Larsen) (1 hr 34 min)


01 Section 1 13:15 Read by Dawn Larsen
02 Section 2 11:52 Read by Dawn Larsen
03 Section 3 11:42 Read by Dawn Larsen
04 Section 4 9:28 Read by Dawn Larsen
05 Section 5 12:36 Read by Dawn Larsen
06 Section 6 13:49 Read by Dawn Larsen
07 Section 7 9:25 Read by Dawn Larsen
08 Section 8 12:26 Read by Dawn Larsen


A fine story but...

(3 stars)

A departure from what one would hope is the average person's moral outlook. That is to say, the puzzle mystery is in keeping with other Muller stories, but the moral outlook and sympathies expressed within the story are frankly troubling. Some people may even prefer to skip this one rather than hamper their enjoyment of the other Muller tales. The reading was 5* though, wonderful as always.

Murder is justified

(3 stars)

Not sure what to think. Well written and interesting story, but there's way too much sympathy given to the murderer! He was an abusive, controlling, vindictive and evil man. But the whole point of the plot was that his inner goodness and justification were recognized by the protagonist. But they were utterly lacking - he was the worst kind of abuser. Creepy!


(4 stars)

I wasn't impressed, too much emphasis was put on the detective's personal feelings, and although the crime is solved... well you'll see. I just found myself annoyed with the hero. The reader is excellent, 3 star story with a 5 star reader.

Good little detective story

(5 stars)

Another story with our hero Herr Muller in it. Wonderful narrated by Dawn Larsen. A good short story when you need a break from the long ones.

Nice short story

(5 stars)

A detective story needed. This is great for a short read. I was not in the mood for a lengthy story. This does the job.

(5 stars)

I thought that the story was great and I didn't see why anyone would have a problem with the detective understanding and showing empathy.

the best of this series

(5 stars)

excellent reader of this series of. short stories. Enjoy Thank you to the reader and Librovox

(5 stars)

enjoyed the pace at which it was read. easy to follow the plot from start to finish.