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The county of Lancashire in the north-west of England is best known as the engine room of the nineteenth-century Industrial Revolution. Steering clear of the industrial districts, F. A. Bruton takes the reader on an engaging tour of the county's beauty spots and lesser known landscapes. Taking the view that the charm of a district is nothing without its historical associations, Bruton packs his account with historical detail and literary references to, among others, Leland, Wordsworth, Ruskin, Arnold, and Mrs. Carlyle. (Introduction by Phil Benson) (5 hr 58 min)


The boundaries of Lancashire 24:21 Read by Phil Benson
Some beauty spots of the industrial districts 12:15 Read by Phil Benson
The physical structure of the county 21:57 Read by Phil Benson
The beginnings of the county 41:31 Read by Phil Benson
Lancashire in the time of Leland 25:38 Read by Phil Benson
Lancashire's war of religion 38:47 Read by Phil Benson
The Lancashire revolution 9:27 Read by Phil Benson
The rivers of Lancashire 38:08 Read by Phil Benson
The lakes of Lancashire 21:17 Read by Phil Benson
The Sands 16:43 Read by Phil Benson
Lonsdale north of the Sands 28:55 Read by Phil Benson
Two famous abbeys 33:07 Read by Phil Benson
Pendle 22:44 Read by Phil Benson
Longridge 9:01 Read by Phil Benson
The Fylde 5:36 Read by Phil Benson
The millstone grit country 8:53 Read by Phil Benson



(4 stars)

As a Lancastrian,I found this both fascinating and entertaining.The reading is excellent and this is bound to become my bedtime listening from now on.

Excellent reading

(4 stars)

As someone who knows very little about Lancashire, I found this very interesting. It was a bit hard for me to follow the geography of the region, but Phil's excellent reading brought the scenes alive wherever it was that we were! :) I also loved the history - it is interesting and rather unusual to focus on one place and see the sweep of history affect that area over the years. After listening to this book, I'm going to put Lancaster witches on my "to listen" list so that I can hear more of the history of this fascinating area.

excellent tour

(5 stars)

This text presents a stunning introduction to a place special in history and culture. Very well written.