Murder in the Sacristy

Read by Maria Therese

(4.2 stars; 47 reviews)

A sacristan is found murdered in the sacristy and the safe robbed of valuable jewels. All clues seem to point to the priest as the murderer. But is the priest the guilty party - or is it the communist - the nazi - the Senator's wife - or someone else?

This mystery novel, set in World War II Chicago, was written by Daniel A Lord, S.J., who was a priest and popular American Catholic writer. The subjects of the works in his bibliography range from religion, humor, plays, songs, mysteries and even politics. His most influential work was possibly in drafting the 1930 Production Code for motion pictures. (Introduction by Maria Therese) (3 hr 19 min)


1 - Chapter 1 22:54 Read by Maria Therese
2 - Chapter 2 23:02 Read by Maria Therese
3 - Chapter 3 24:10 Read by Maria Therese
4 - Chapter 4 23:39 Read by Maria Therese
5 - Chapter 5 21:46 Read by Maria Therese
6 - Chapter 6 23:18 Read by Maria Therese
7 - Chapter 7 23:33 Read by Maria Therese
8 - Chapter 8 18:41 Read by Maria Therese
9 - Chapter 9 18:02 Read by Maria Therese


A fun mystery, plenty of twists & turns.

(5 stars)

This is the best of the mysteries by D. A. Lord that I've listed to date. I can usually figure out the solution long before the end of the story, but not with this one. It kept me guessing and surprised all the way to the end. The reader did a great job. Thank you.

Neat story, unexpected twist

(5 stars)

The summary covers the plot, and listen carefully to those last few chapters, because you are going to get a really unexpected twist. :-) Reader = excellent! Story = excellent! Enjoy!

(3 stars)

Not particularly riveting but worth a listen as I was going about some routine chores. Thank you to the narrator. I was later surprised that one reviewer had described the book as a 'Christian' murder mystery, which is a bit like attributing the description to all the murder mysteries centring on churches in 'The Midsomer Murders' (if you know them - Our story has for its crime scene a uniate catholic church with which some of the characters, including the victim, are associated, and the priest in charge has hopes of becoming a missionary in Russia some day. That's about as Christian as it gets. 😋

Highly Recommend

(4.5 stars)

Kept me guessing until the very end! Loved the twists. The length of the book was just perfect for an afternoon. Reading and recording were great. Very enjoyable. Thank you!

very enjoyable.

(4 stars)

I realy enjoy this reader. she has become one of my favorites. the story was good. i absolutely did not anticipate the ending to be the way it was.


(2 stars)

Lost interest early on. Kept it on for background noise because of the gentle and soft voice of the reader.

Good murder mystery and good ending

(5 stars)

Good job of reading by Marie Theresa. Unexpected turn of events.Thanks Maria enjoy!

great story

(5 stars)

great story with a surprise tvist and the reader was pretty good. Thank you