The Girls of Gardenville

Read by Betsie Bush

(4.3 stars; 17 reviews)

It is pleasant to have another book about a group of merry, natural girls, who have the attractions of innocence and youthful faults. "The Sweet Sixteen" Club made fudge, and went on picnics, and behaved just as jolly, nice maidens should. (The Outlook, vol. 82, Mar. 24, 1906) (5 hr 5 min)


01 - Caroline of the Sweet Sixteen 25:57 Read by Betsie Bush
02 - Sustaining a borrowed reputation 20:23 Read by Betsie Bush
03 - An untransferable gift 18:47 Read by Betsie Bush
04 - How Caroline improved the cooking 17:59 Read by Betsie Bush
05 - Margery Danvers, fireman 16:50 Read by Betsie Bush
06 - The tribulations of a triplet 20:03 Read by Betsie Bush
07 - A case of suspended gratitude 21:36 Read by Betsie Bush
08 - When Tekla carried the basket 22:05 Read by Betsie Bush
09 - Sailing under sealed orders 25:20 Read by Betsie Bush
10 - Cousin Emily's revolt 15:56 Read by Betsie Bush
11 - Days and dollars 19:53 Read by Betsie Bush
12 - The helpfulness of Virginia 20:10 Read by Betsie Bush
13 - Disposing of Julius Caesar 23:00 Read by Betsie Bush
14 - The quest of the Hallow e\'en pumpkin 21:45 Read by Betsie Bush
15 - Finishing a beginner 16:01 Read by Betsie Bush



(1 stars)

I couldn't get into this. It just seemed too cheesy and silly. Not having read far it's hard to summarise the plot. Basically it's about a group of teenage girls who organise themselves into a club (iapparently it was the thing to do) called Sweet Sixteens as there are sixteen of them and they like to cook sweets. The first chapter involves a fundraising effort that goes a little too successfully for the teenage treasurer who struggles to count the $50 or so that they managed to raise. I thought it best to stop listening before I lost any more brain cells.

Humorous stories

(5 stars)

Thought this was a fun book. Took a little to get into it, but the stories with simple morals were quite funny. This group of girls get themselves into all kinds of predicaments, learning lessons along the way, and learning to be kind and generous.


(5 stars)

loved the book and reader!